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Usage: List up to 10 tags you wish to monitor directly on the front page. Use commas to separate each tag.
e.g. roh,njpw,impact wrestling,wwe,john cena
WNS User Blacklist (Beta):

How to use: You can only filter out NICKNAMES and HOSTMASKS. Separate your filter by COMMAS.
e.g. user1, aol.com, user2, WNS-BEE702E0.fakeisp, user3

Limitations include inability to block admins and mods, or apply characters other than A-Z,a-z,0-9, (dash and period) also to support HOSTMASKS. This system is COOKIE based. This means, if you delete cookies then all your settings are gone, and they do not cross between devices. This is how we get around accounts and personal information being exchanged here. HOSTMASKS are not HOSTNAMES or IP ADDRESSES. This is a cloaking mechanism that uses a large "salt" to encrypt your IP numerous times, then converted eventually to hexadecimal.
This feature is BETA. Works.. maybe works.. it's brand new, untested.
CAUTION: Filters are like wildcards. i.e. If you add "Cat" you would also block Cate, Caterpod and SuperCat. Use them wisely. :)

If you like these features, find them useful and would like more please consider CLICKING THIS TO DONATE to WNS. Regardless, we will continue to try to offer a unique experience in the world of Internet wrestling communities and we appreciate your readership and participation. Thanks.

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