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WWE Hall of Fame 2019: D-Generation X

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Apr 06, 2019

WWE Hall of Fame 2019:  D-Generation X

D-Generation X comes out riding a Jeep throwing glow sticks into the audience.  They all eventually get into the ring. They talk about not being able to mention Vincent Kennedy McMahon as well as not being able to thank him.  Billy Gunn makes a joke about not being able to be fired again.  Triple H says that Vince will buy that piss ant company just to fire him again if he wanted.

They begin getting serious and thank Chyna.  Her picture is shown on the screen as 'She Deserves It' chants are heard.  Shawn says that he won't argue with them, and they wouldn't be where they are today without the contributions of the ninth wonder of the world.  Road Dogg grabs a huge script and says that that's his thoughts.  Dogg says that the relationships are real and that Dogg thanks God first for his sobriety.  He's grateful to be able to be inducted into the same Hall of Fame with his dad, Bullet Bob.  He thanks his wife.  Dogg shows a video showing D-X moments.

Billy Gunn steps up after the video and says that they are letting him talk.  Billy thanks The Harris Brothers for introducing him to wrestling and Bill Demott.  He thanks his kids, mom, and other family members.  Billy Gunn pulls out a water gun and Triple H makes jokes about this happening at their age.  HBK jokes about Gunn promising something big and failing to deliver.  HBK thanks him for being 'All-In' though.

X-Pac asks if it's his turn and he says don't make us regret this.   '1-2-3' chants rain out.  X-Pac says that he didn't think he'd be up here.  He thanks the American Dream and Nature Boy.  He thanks everyone who helped make him what he is.  He thanks Jerry Lynn.  X-Pac throws some love to Scott Hall and Kevin Nash and jokes that Nash doesn't want to stand up.  Nash stands up to defy him.  X-Pac thanks Bret Hart.  He says he likes boobs at the end.  Some pictures of old ladies saggy chests are shown as they gross out at it.

Shawn Michaels steps up next.  He thanks his loving family.  And he jokes about them not being there.

Triple H thanks Killer Kowalski for training him.  He thanks his brothers.  He finally gets to Chyna and says that it's fitting that the women are main eventing tomorrow and Chyna is going in today.  Triple H thanks his kids, wife, and parents.  Triple H talks about their juvenile humor and that his mom wrote most of that stuff.  He says that his mom is the master of the penis joke.  Shawn and Triple H start talking about how disgusting the next generation is.  Shawn says that they owe the world as a whole an apology.  They pull another stand up to the ring with DX on it.

Shawn steps out of the way and X-Pac steps up.  X-Pac says some random stuff.  Dogg steps up and introduces the New Age Outlaws.  Triple H steps up to the podium and asks Are you ready?  He clarifies his question.  He finishes it off by announcing D-X in the Hall of Fame.  Let's get ready to Suck It!  Billy says that he's got two words for them... SUCK IT!


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