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WWE Hall of Fame 2019: Harlem Heat

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Apr 06, 2019

WWE Hall of Fame 2019:  Harlem Heat

Harlem Heat is introduced as they make their way to the ring.  Booker T talks about growing up wanting to be his older brother, Stevie Ray.  Booker says that whatever his brother did, he wanted to do.  Booker talks about Stevie always having his back especially when his parents died young.  Booker talks about going to prison with Stevie always keeping him up to date on what was going on with WWE.  Stevie helped him get a job as long as he promised to do it to the best of his ability.  Booker says that he's doing his job to that max ability to today.  Booker passes off the microphone.

Stevie Ray says that they didn't start out as Harlem Heat, but they wanted to be singles.  Stevie talks about the first company closing before they moved on.  Ray talks about them going to Global to meet Eddie Gilbert and become a tag team there as The Ebony Experience.  Stevie Ray explains that his name is a combination of Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles.

Ray talks about Ole Anderson giving them a shot in WCW.  He says that Hulk Hogan (it continues!) was the one who pointed them out and gave them a push.  They talked about Arn Anderson walking up to them and giving them a handshake and letting them know that he'll do whatever he can to help them.  He says he learned a lot from him.  Booker says that people like The Usos, The Revival, Street Profits, The New Day are keeping their legacy alive.  He says Kofimania!  Booker says that Daniel Bryan is going to get his ass whooped tomorrow night.  Bryan stands up furious.  Booker thanks his wife and kids and family.  He asks can we dig it and takes it home.


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