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WWE Hall of Fame 2019: Sue Aitchison

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Apr 06, 2019

WWE Hall of Fame 2019:  Sue Aitchison

Dana Warrior makes her way out to the ring first to introduce the winner of the Warrior Award for this year.  She talks about the award being created for epic spirit and determination.  She says that this year's recipient is close to the hearts of everyone.  After awhile, she introduces John Cena.

John Cena comes down as the crowd chants for him to face Kurt Angle.  Cena jokes about this being the audience participation portion of the show.  He talks about how Sue taught him a lot including everything sounds cooler in a British accent.  He talks about how her actions derive from how can I help?  He talks about Make-A-Wish has a relationship with WWE due to her.  He introduces Sue Aitchison.

She enters the ring and talks about being grateful for her job and working with the McMahons.  She talks about herself having the best job she could ever ask for thanks to the children.  She talks about her first Make-A-Wish opportunity being with a young man with Hulk Hogan.  She then mentions Connor and Daniel Bryan.  She says that she has coordinated over 6,000 wishes and that it takes a village to raise a child.

She thanks everyone behind the scenes who helps with the wishes.  She thanks everyone who is in the room who helps with Make-A-Wish wishes.  She lists a bunch of names before ending with Macho Man and Ultimate Warrior.  Sue mentions that John Cena has 619 wishes and leads the pack despite Justin Bieber's claim to have the most.  She says that inspiration comes from the WWE Universe and these children.  One of the success stories is called out and he comes down to the ring.  Jodie Phillips is his name as he enters the ring.  She says wishes do come true so let's keep on wishing!


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