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WWE Hall of Fame 2019: Brutus Beefcake

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Apr 06, 2019

WWE Hall of Fame 2019:  Brutus Beefcake

Hulk Hogan is introduced as he comes out, and says let me tell ya something Mean Gene.  Hulk says that he decided to become a wrestler, but he quit after being stretched.  Hulk talks about suckering Brutus into coming in to open a bar and gym with him.  After that failed, he went to Panama City to have his first match.  He says what are you going to do when Brutus has a haircut for you?!

Brutus Beefcake makes his way to the ring with his cutters.  Brutus talks about Hulk being a heckling fan in the audience when he first started.  Brutus says that Hulk called him and invited him to be a wrestler, and that he's Hulk's friend til the end.  Beefcake talks about that really wanted a butler character named Barron Butler.  He says no offense to Baron Corbin.  He says that they offered Brutus and that was fine.  He talks about making his look and the office questioning how this wouldn't make money.  Brutus talks about hating the barber gimmick.  He mentions Hulk giving him the idea to put them to sleep then cut their hair off. He mentions having a tag team match at SummerSlam being a favorite of his as well as a match in 1985 where Brutus fought Hulk. 

He mentions that The Genius ran away when he's supposed to be cutting his hair because he didn't know what was going on.  Brutus mentions Randy Savage getting angry at him for it, but he talked him down.  Brutus talks about thanking everyone for helping him with his recovery.  Brutus announces that he's renewed his barber license.  He wants to thank Shawn for letting him using his work on his head.  Brutus says Shawn Michaels owes him $350 for that window as well.  He says he's cutting and strutting his way into the hall of fame.


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