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WWE Hall of Fame 2019: The Hart Foundation

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Apr 06, 2019

WWE Hall of Fame 2019:  The Hart Foundation

Natalya and Bret Hart make their way out to the ring as Natalya is inducting The Hart Foundation.  She talks about her dad's favorite opponent being The British Bulldogs and his favorite city was New York City.  Nattie talks about their tag team inspiring so many people before listing some names. 

Bret Hart steps up and says that it's an honor to be there.  Bret talks about Jim being his best friend and cellmate.  He says that Jim made every day an adventure.  He mentions his original gimmick going to be Cowboy Bret Hart, but he denied it and decided to team up with Jim Neidhart.  He takes credit for coming up with the name. Right as he says this, a fan leaps into the ring and grabs Bret before the screen goes to black. The camera pans to the audience for a bit as the fan is dealt with.

Bret claims that working with Jim sometimes was a little like that fan.  He talks for a bit about Vince not noticing him because they were on house shows.  He mentions the first standing ovation and Jim trying to give directions to them.  He mentions that he knows Jim is looking down from above with a smile and a laugh.  He says that the best wrestlers don't always stand against the ring from one another.  Sometimes they stand beside each other against the world.  Bret mentions that The Hart Foundation had a few rules including the key to moderation is moderation among others.


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