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Sexy Star Issues Lengthy Statement On Incident With Rosemary At TripleMania XXV

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Sep 04, 2017

Sexy Star Issues Lengthy Statement On Incident With Rosemary At TripleMania XXV

Sexy Star who is at the center of much controversy following her recent "shoot" incident with Rosemary has taken to Twitter to post a rather lengthy statement about her side of the incident which took place at the AAA's TripleMania XXV event. 

Below is her statement  (Full credit to Telescopy via Reddit for the translation):

“First of all, I want to thank all the people that has stuck with me these last few days that have become a nightmare and one of the most difficult moments of my career and my personal life.

Like some of you know, last Saturday August 26th, I was present at the TRIPLEMANIA 25 event in Arena Ciudad de Mexico, to participate in a Championship match for the AAA promotion, who contracted me as an Independent. So I could once again don the Sexy Star Mask, the character I have used to work for 11 years.

In the beginning I was informed that this Reina de Reinas championship would be a one on one with one of the Mexican women that belongs to the Promotion, but a few days prior to the event, I was told they would include 2 more women, among them a North American woman that belongs to the promotion Global Force Wrestling, whom AAA hired. And as far as I know, she has never wrestled in Mexico or at least not for any Mexican promotion and who I only met minutes before I went up to fulfill the match which I was contracted for.

Just as I have done for over 10 years, once I got to the venue I reached for the people that would be participating in the match, to coordinate the show we would present to the public, the ones responsible for the event(Lucha AAA) were the ones that determined with precision what would happen in the match.

Just like I’m accustomed and especially when I’m going to wrestle with someone who I’ve never worked with, and they being a foreigner-the wrestling styles change too much between countries-I especially approached the American. I asked if she felt alright with what we would be presenting or if she wanted to change something so she could feel more comfortable in the ring. Those who have worked with me know I always do this, the idea is to avoid any incidents with the people working with me as well as myself. Not just due to ethics but for the values I was taught at home growing up, which include camaraderie. I’ve always been conscious of the danger all of us that work in Wrestling face, be it our first match or our 100th match. I want to make clear that at no moment did she ask to verify or change anything that we would be presenting, something that is very important to me. So I assumed that she knew and would be in control of what we would be doing. The Talent Coordinator for AAA was the one that gave the OK for us to go up there and perform without a previous approach.

The time for the match arrived, I went up to the ring to perform the show just like I have done for many years, the same way, with the same energy and enthusiasm, with the same style and fury that has characterized Sexy Star in all of her matches.

The match ended when I submitted the North American woman with the hold I was told to use, which was selected for being, as far as danger goes, one of the least dangerous. And one which I have used repeatedly on others, and used on me as well. A hold which I repeat, as far as danger is concerned is one of the least dangerous. At least, that’s how it has always been.

At the end of the match, and after the foreign women got off the ring on her own, and without the need of help from others or any medical personnel, we continued protocol. They presented me the belt which was brought out by Martha Villalobos.

blah blah a bunch of Martha ass kissing, I’m skipping this part.

After 20 minutes and after the presentation of the belt was over I went down and went to the dressing rooms where I was surrounded by people from GFW, who has a working relationship with AAA. Who claimed in the language of their country a supposed injury on the woman I submitted. Which surprised me. I want to reiterate she walked off the ring on her own without the need of assistance.

I immediately, and not just for ethical reasons but because I was worried, I went to make sure she was fine and I found her talking with another colleague, standing in the production area with only an ice pack on her elbow. There were no paramedics or anybody else attending to her. There was a stretcher, which is standard protocol when there are suspicions of injury, but she wasn’t even sitting on it which made me feel relieved because I saw with my own eyes that she was fine, that she wasn’t injured. After that, AAA’s talent coordinator assured me everything was fine, so I left the place with my Husband, feeling relieved and assured that everything was ok and without any notice from Mr. Dorian Roldan, owner of AAA, who I assume if there were any problems he wouldn’t have let me go without clearing the situation.

You should also know that I have never been given any medical reports and that X-rays do not exist to show any type of injuries on the person that I wrestled with.

I wasn’t worried about the situation, because I repeat, I saw with my own eyes that she wasn’t injured. I didn’t assume, I proved it by seeing that she wasn’t being attended by Medical personnel, she wasn’t taken to a Hospital, there was no medical equipment being used on her or a stretcher, which is what happens when anyone suffers any kind of injury. In my wrestling career I have seen many injuries and I myself have been injured and believe me, none of the things that happened when someone gets injured happened the night of TRIPLEMANIA 25 after the Reina de Reinas match.

The next day I started to receive an array of Cyber Attacks on Social Media. Which included a letter with insults written by the North American woman, in which she affirmed, only in text, without showing any photos or medical reports, not even showing her face. Saying that I have injured her on purpose.

This letter was widely spread, in part by North American wrestlers, male and female. People I have never worked with and people that weren’t even there that night and who added insults confirming my lack of professionalism, using the letter as proof.

The attacks on social media kept growing and was spread by bloggers and media that weren’t there that night, media that didn’t cover the event, media that doesn’t even work in Mexico. Media didn’t hold back with their headlines like “She dislocated her shoulder on purpose” or “She broke her arm intentionally” affirming the supposed injury, with the only reference being the letter posted on twitter and the end of the match shown from different angles at which at no moment does it show her being injured. And on the contrary it shows her walking off on her own and using her hands to do so. Some even assured that I applied the hold with bad intentions, raising my hips to injure her, something that is also not in the video. Many people in the media and people online couldn’t even match their stories. Some mentioned she injured her shoulder, others the elbow, others the whole arm.

I want to make clear that the video being shared online only shows me personifying Sexy Star while applying the hold, with the same energy and fury that characterizes the character. The same way and with the same strength during the submission, without letting go until the last second when the referees stops it, just like Sexy Star has always done. I can prove that I have used this hold in different occasions in the exact manner and with the same timing and intensity to other wrestlers. Including a short time ago in one of the Sexy Star matches in the North American series which I’m a part of. I assure you my partner didn’t suffer an injury because like I have already said, as far as dangerous maneuvers that hold is one of the least dangerous, at least in Mexican wrestling and which I have never used to hurt someone.

Blah blah proceeds to talk about her long career and thanking her teachers and family etc.

The End.”

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