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WrestlingNewsArena.com Founder and Friend of WNS, Shawn Moniz Passes Away

WrestlingNewsArena.com Founder and Friend of WNS, Shawn Moniz Passes Away

WNS Statement:

I'm deeply saddened to hear the news that my good friend Shawn Moniz has passed away in hospice care aged 33 following a lengthy battle with lung cancer.

As I mentioned over a month ago in my final message to Shawn, he was a fundamental part of the WrestlingNewsSource.com family in getting us to where we are today, for those that don't know he ran the popular WrestlingNewsArena.com website (WNA) and I ran WNS which was then known as Wrestling-Radio.com, I'm not sure how, but as website admin do we formed an instant bond.

When he decided to end WNA he directed his web traffic to WNS and would continue to support me behind the scenes in helping our news reporting team.I had to tried to lure him back to the world of news reporting a couple years ago, but it wasn't to be!

I really can't tell you have much I valued what he did for me and what genuine guy he was. He was 'one of life's nice guys' and we all know 'Only the Good Die Young' and if I may, that's the Billy Joel song I'd like to dedicate in tribute to Shawn, a man so full of life, taken from us way too soon.

A funny little story, my last private chat with Shawn was around a month ago, he was having trouble with his phone and sent me a "You look good" sticker on the messenger app, he told me he had a "funky phone" well today I've not been too well, to spare you the details I've been sick a lot and to go back and read his "You look good" made me chuckle with a tear in my eye as it couldn't be further than the truth right now! Thanks, SHAWN!

In conclusion, I want to send my deepest love and support to Shawn's family and friends, I've been following as you've kept vigil at his bedside these days few weeks. You've been nothing short of amazing during his battle and I know he loved you dearly. I just know he's up there right now on a Cruise ship with a cocktail in hand looking down on us all.

I'm dedicating tonight's WWE Raw coverage on WrestlingNewsSource.com to Shawn in his memory.

I love ya Shawn, I'll miss you.  😢
Sleep well x


Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Jul 17, 2017 Tags: #shawn moniz #wns #wna

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