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WWE UK Championship Special Results (5/19)

WWE UK Championship Special Results (5/19)

Welcome to United Kingdom Championship special on the WWE Network. Tonight, Tyler Bate defends the UK Championship against Mark Andrews. Pete Dunne faces Trent Seven and the winner will meet the UK Championship for the title at NXT TakeOver: Chicago. Jim Ross and Nigel McGuinness will call the action. We see an opening promo. which looks back at the UK Championship tournament in January. Mark Andrews says that it turned his life around. We see social media comments and the competitors talk about the experiences they've had since the tournament. The competitors talk about their desire to be WWE UK champion. Jim Ross and Nigel welcome us to the show and hype the matches on the card.

Wolfgang V.S Joseph Conners

Wolfgang makes his way to the ring and we see a promo looking at his time in the UK tournament. Joseph Conners makes his way to the ring and we see a promo showing his time in the UK tournament. Wolfgang has a side headlock on Conners but Conners takes him down and gains control. Wolfgang takes Conners down but Conners comes back with an attempted suplex. Wolfgang hits a delayed vertical suplex and gets a two count. Wolfgang gets knocked off the turnbuckle to the outside giving Conners time to recover. Conners hits a baseball slide and smashes Wolfgang into the apron. Conners has the advantage as Wolfgang is taking blows in the corner. Wolfgang suffered a baseball slide, which takes him to the outside. Back in the ring, Conners gets a two count as Wolfgang kicks out. 

Conners has a submission on Wolfgang and then got a two count following a cover. He goes back to the submission on Wolfgang but it gets countered. Wolfgang hits a cross body in the corner and a double axe handle on Conners. Conners went for a high risk move but Wolfgang countered, driving the air out of Conners. A pIn attempt followed, which resulted in a two count. Wolfgang suffers a powerbomb, which results in a two count. Wolfgang puts Conners away suddenly with the Howling. 

Winner: Wolfgang

We see a shot of Mark Andrews and Tyler Bate as they prepare for their title match later on. 

TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick V.S Rich Swann and Dan Moloney 

Perkins and Kendrick are in the ring and have confident looks on their faces. Dan Moloney and Rich Swann make their way to the ring with a great ovation from the crowd. The match is underway with Dan and Kendrick starting the match. Kendrick gets control early on while working on the arm. TJP comes in and taunts Swann. TJ takes down Moloney but is now punishing his own partner without knowing about it. He realises and apologies to Kendrick. Moloney now has control over TJ and tags Swann. Swann takes out both Kendrick and TJP with a dive to the outside. Back in the ring, Perkins kicks out following a cover from Swann. Kendrick comes in and has control over Swann. Kendrick goes for a cover but Swann kicks out. Swann is sent into the turnbuckle chest first. Swann is now being dissected by Kendrick. The tag is made on both sides. Moloney and TJ Perkins are legal. Moloney suffers a kick from Perkins and is now in trouble as Kendrick comes in. 

Perkins hits a senton on Moloney, which results in a two count. Perkins suffers a suplex and Moloney needs to make a tag but is prevented from doing so by Kendrick. Swann gets the tag and is offensive. Swnn went for a cover but TJP stops it. Kendrick gets the Captain's Hook in but the submission is broken by Moloney. Kendrick uses the tights of Moloney to steal a victory for himself and TJ Perkins.

Winners: TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick

We see footage of Seven who was attacked by Pete Dunne during his interview. 

Trent Seven V.S Pete Dunne (No.1 contenders match)

Pete Dunne makes his way to the ring with one thing on his mind and that is to be the number one contender for the UK title. Trent Seven makes his way to the ring with a score to settle with Dunne after the attack on his arm. The match is underway as Seven backs Dunne into the corner. Dunne goes straight for the arm of Seven but Dunne takes him down and works on the wrist and arm of Seven. Seven chops Dunne and takes Dunne down with a clothesline. He puts Dunne in a submission hold, which Dunne counters. Dunne takes Seven down on the outside, continuing to work on the arm. Back in the ring, Dunne continues to work on the arm by manipulating the shoulder joint.

Dunne has controlled most of this match with a very simple game plan. Trent hits a DDT out of nowhere and buys himself some time. He flies through the ropes and takes Dunne out on the outside. Seven hits a clothesline and gets a two count on Dunne, following a cover. Seven hits a slam on Dunne and gets a two count on Dunne. Seven must capitalise on this advantage but Dunne slams Seven, which results in a two count. On the outside, Dunne works on the fingers and arm of Seven. Trent and Dunne are exchanging blows but Seven hits a suplex on the apron. Both men are down as the referee starts the ten count. Both men are back in the ring as Seven and Dunne are on the turnbuckles. Dunne goes back to the arm but Seven goes for a suplex but Dunne lands on his feet. Seven hits a clothesline on Dunne but couldn't get the three count. Somehow, Pete managed to kick out. Dunne now has a submission locked in but Seven counters with a suplex. Dunne hits the Bitter End and is victorious. He is now the number one contender and will face the UK Champion at TakeOver: Chicago.

Winner: Pete Dunne

Dunne says he people will get hurt and he will take what is his at NXT TakeOver: Chicago. We see a promo hyping the match between Andrews and Bate. 

Tyler Bate V.S Mark Andrews for the UK Championship

Mark Andrews makes his way to the ring and he looks to become the new UK Champion. He has that opportunity here tonight. Tyler Bate has had an amazing career since winning the title in the tournament. The match is underway Andrews goes for a quick cover early on, which sends a message to Bate. Tyler takes Andrews down but Mark reverses and now has control of Tyler's arm. Tyler takes Andrews down with a side headlock and a single leg takedown. Andrews takes Bate down and has control with a front face lock.

Andrews is now in a full nelson from Bate. Tyler is now working on the legs of Andrews and looks to execute a surfboard move. Andrews gets to the ropes, which forces the break. Fast paced action now by both men but they come back in a fighting position. Andrews hits a dropkick and gets a near fall. Andrews is now working on the arm of Bate and executes the submission. Tyler hits an elbow, which results in a two count. Bate hits the slam and again goes for the pin but doesn't get the three count. 

Andrews is twisted in a submission by Bate, which transitions into a near fall. Tyler Bate has a distinct advantage at this point in the match. Bate drives Andrews into the turnbuckle but Andrews kicks Bate in the side of his head and takes him to the outside. Andrews hits a dive on Bate to the outside. Back in the ring, Andrews hits a suplex and a moonsalt on Bate. Tyler comes back with a dive through the ropes, taking out Andrews. Andrews suffers an uppercut but comes back with a kick to the face of Bate.

Tyler suffers the slice bread on the apron and Andrews hits a DDT on the outside to Bate. Bate may be seconds away from losing the title. Tyler suffers a kick to the face as he was on the turnbuckle. Bate drops Andrews down on the top rope and Andrews gets hit with another uppercut. Bate went for the cover but didn't get the three count. Bate is striking with forearms shots to Andrews but he comes back with shots of his own. Bate comes back with a left hand and another uppercut. Tyler gets dropped on his head but kicked out at a two count, following a cover.

Andrews goes to the top but suffers a kick from Bate. Tyler has Andrews on his shoulders but gets taken down from the top. Andrews went for a cover but only got a two count. Tyler hits a kick and clothesline on Andrews. Andrews stuns Bate and goes to the top. He goes for the shooting star press but Bate got his knees up. Tyler hits the Tyler Driver for the victory over Andrews. 

Winner and still champion: Tyler Bate

Dunne is here and nails Andrews in the face. Regal is out here and the show ends with Bate and Dunne staring at each other.  








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