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VIDEO: Al Snow Joins X-Pac for a Brand New Episode of X-Pac 12360!

Posted By: Mario Anderson on Jan 05, 2017

VIDEO: Al Snow Joins X-Pac for a Brand New Episode of X-Pac 12360!

Retired DX and NWO star, Sean Waltman had wrestler Al Snow on his show X-Pac 12360 this week.

Snow shared his thoughts on many topics including:

How the wrestling industry has changed since he first started: I believe this has lead to the degradation of the business of professional wrestling, is that it’s far too easy to become a professional wrestler. The access, it’s an open door policy now. Back in the day, and I’ve tried to explain this to people before and they just can’t relate, it was easier to become a main man in the mafia than it was to become a professional wrestler…The reason was that ninety-eight percent of the wrestlers at that time, the only thing they did to make a living, the only way they could survive, the only way they fed their families was wrestling. They didn’t have another job.

How Al made headlines with his "head" gimmick: 

The one thing Al didn’t like about ECW: We were allowing the audience to dictate us, how we performed. I even mentioned that to several guys in the locker room like, we need to stop this. The tables are being turned on us. I directly link that to where we are today. It’s because the tables got turned there. It’s our fault and it’s remained turned ever since.

Watch the full video below: 

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