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Lucha Underground Results & Review: 04/15/15

Posted By: Jason Hyde on Apr 16, 2015

Lucha Underground Results & Review: 04/15/15

We start with a video recapping what we have seen over the past few weeks leading up to tonight’s matches and the Trios Tournament.

We got to appears to be the roof where Dario Cueto is talking to Aerostar. Cueto asks him if the stars are where he finds his inspiration. He says Drago’s inspiration comes from hell. He tells Aerostar everything he wishes for has a price.

We are welcomed into the Temple by Matt striker with Vampiro. Striker talks about the teams that have advances in the Trios tournament. Melissa Santos introduces the first Trios team to compete into nights opening match. King Cuerno, Texano, and Cage make their way out the ring. Their opponents will be Johnny Mundo, Hernandez, and Prince Puma Make their way to the ting as we go to a break.

Back from the break all men are in the ring.

King Cuerno, Texano, and Cage vs. Johnny Mundo, Hernandez, and Prince Puma

King Cuerno and Hernandez start us off. Cuerno slaps Hernandez but it doesn’t faze him. Hernandez catches Cuerno and simulates he’s doing rock-a-by baby. Cuerno goes for a sunset flip but Hernandez again uses his power to counter. Hernandez power slams Cuerno hard to the mat. Cuerno tags Texano in as he quickly attacks Hernandez. Hernandez picks Texano up on his shoulder and tags Mundo and places Texano upside down in the corner. Mundo kicks Texano multiple times in the corner. Mundo hits an elbow and tags Puma who hits some kicks. Texano gets Puma back into his corner and takes the upper hand. Texano tags Cuerno in as they double and triple team Puma. Texano and Cuerno go for a double clothesline but Puma ducks under and connects to the head of both men with kicks. All men enter the ring as the referee loses control. Hernandez hits a splash in the corner on Texano and Cuerno. He then vaults Mundo into both men and Hernandez hits a double clothesline. Mundo clears the ring but Texano hits a spine buster on Mundo and puts him into the single leg crab.Texano tags Cuerno and hits a running elbow and gets a two count. Cuerno tag’s Cage in as he goes for a move, Mundo ducks away and Cuerno kicks Cage. Mundo tags Puma back in. Puma, Cuerno, and cage have a segment where Puma RKO’s Cuerno forcing him to give Cage a DDT. Puma then hits the Pele’ kick to cage as Hernandez clotheslines him to the outside. Hernandez dives to the outside and takes out Texano and Cage. Outside the ring Puma and Mundo kick Cuerno to the floor. Puma gets back in the ring with Mundo and they both jump to the outside taking out Texano and cage. Puma pushes Cage into the ring but cage splashes Puma. We then have a sequence where all six men are flying into the corner hitting elbows and splashes. The action picks up and men are flying everywhere things settle down with Puma and Cuerno in the center of the ring. Puma goes for a roll up but only gets a two count. Outside the ring the actions continues as well with Cage, Hernandez, Texano, and Mundo beating the heck out of each other. Cuerno throws Puma of the ropes and Texano hits him with the bull rope and Cuerno hits the “Thrill of the Hunt” and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: King Cuerno, Texano, and Cage they advance to the Finals.

My View: Wow this match was amazing. I am a little baffled why they didn’t protect the champion and had him be the one to get pinned.

After the match Cuerno comes out and says congratulations. He says he wants a preview of next week with one member of each team that qualified for the finals of the Trios Tournament to compete in a Triple Threat match tonight as we go to a break.

Back from the break Cage is in the ring representing his team. His first opponent is Mack representing “Kill Shot”. The third and final man is Son of Havoc representing his team.

Cage vs. Mack vs. Son of Havoc

All three men exchange high power moves. Mack singles out Cage but Cage connects with an elbow. Havoc comes in and hits a flying elbow on both men. Mack hits a splash and a double stomp to cage in the corner, the stomp was very innovative. Havoc hits a standing moonsault on Mack but Cage breaks up the pin attempt and throws havoc into the ring post then hits a side suplex on havoc. Cage throws Mack of the ropes and Mack hits a flying knee taking Cage down. He then hits a suplex and goes to the top rope. Havoc hits Mack with a palm strike on the top rope. Havoc hits a hurricanrana on Mack which flips him into Cage. Havoc covers cage and gets a two count. Havoc puts Cage into an arm bar submission but Mack breaks it up with a “senton” that Striker says is Dick Toga style. Mack then does a standing moonsault and covers Havoc for a two count. Cage knocks Mack down and sets him on the top turnbuckle. Cage goes to the middle rope. The three wrestlers perform the “Tower of Doom”. Havoc hits a springboard double stomp onto Cage and then he fly’s to the outside taking out Mack. Havoc tries to do the same to cage but Cage catches him and suplexes him onto the floor. He then rolls Havoc back in and gets a two count. Cage picks up Havoc and goes for “Weapon X’ but Mack catches him with a super kick. Mack places Havoc on the top rope but Havoc fights back and pushes Mack to the mat. Havoc goes for the “shooting-star” press but cage pulls Mack out of the way. On the outside Cage throws Mack into the ring barrier. Cage rushes into the ring and hits “Weapon X’ on Havoc and gets the in for the win.

Winner: Cage

My View: Wow another high impact and fast paced match. We never got the story on why Mack never went to WWE after it was reported he was. He is a great talent and is showing that here. Son of havoc continues to show he needs to be in the Main Event picture. Cage was a beast as always and continues to improve.

Striker says our Main Event of Drago vs. Aerostar is next as we go to a break.

Back from the break Cueto talks to Drago much like he did Aerostar trying to get in his head.

Back in the ring we see Pentagon Jr. Striker says he isn’t scheduled to wrestle. Melissa Santos says Pentagon Jr. would like her to announce his next sacrifice is dedicated to his Master. Pentagon Jr. attacks Melissa Santos. Vampiro goes to get into the ring but before he can Sexy Star attacks Pentagon Jr. saving Melissa Santos. Sexy Star gets Melissa out of the ring she then says “you have really crossed the line this time you asshole, this is enough” to pentagon Jr. Striker takes us to a break.

My View: This was short but put a great deal of heat on Pentagon Jr. The feud between him and Sexy Star is just getting started it appears.

Back from the break Cueto is in the ring. He says Melissa is shaken up so he will do the honors. The winner of this Lucha will win one of his unique opportunities. Aerostar is out first followed by Drago.

Drago vs. Aerostar Best of 5 series Final Match

Drago hits a brain buster and gets an early two count. Aerostar hits a springboard splash onto Drago. They continue to go back and forth exchanging move for move for several minutes. There are a few pin attempts but nothing serious. Both men hit a double clothesline and are on their back in the center of the ring. Aerostar hits a springboard drop kick; he then takes flight to the outside hitting Drago with the “trust fall”. Aerostar throws Drago back in the ring as they go thru some more back and forth. Drago hits a DDT and gets a two count. Drago hits another DDT and gets another two count. Aerostar hits an amazing move in the corner knocking Drago of the ring post and he gets a two count. Aerostar then hits a double knee onto Drago who is draped over the ropes. Aerostar hits a springboard dive then and gets another two count. Drago counters and hits a big clothesline and gets a two count. Both men go to the outside where Drago assaults Aerostar. Drago gets out a table and sets it up outside the ring Drago places Aerostar on the table but Aerostar gets up and attacks Drago before he can complete his move. Aerostar puts Drago on the table and gets into the ring. Aerostar then gets a running start and executes a dive (he totally misses and lands on his head). Aerostar rolls Drago back into the ring and hits a springboard splash and he gets a two count. Aerostar attempts a couple quick pin attempts but Drago kicks out each time. Drago hits a basement drop kick to create some breathing room. Drago hits a DDT followed by the “Dragon Layer” and the “Tail of the Dragon” and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Drago

After the match Drago raises the hand of Aerostar showing his respect for Aerostar. They shake hands and hug as Aerostar leaves the ring. Cueto comes into the ring and congratulates Drago. Cueto says Drago has earned a shot at Prince Puma and the Lucha Underground Championship. Cueto says there is a catch if Drago does not win he will be banned from the temple forever. We go off the air with Drago in the ring looking confused.

My View: Another great match but I am sure both men are glad it’s over. None of the matches were as good as the first, but all were great. Drago now has an opportunity for the belt but I can’t see him winning so makes me wonder why you might take one of your most exciting wrestlers off TV. We will have to see how it plays out. I will see you all next time in the Temple.

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