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Lucha Underground Results & Review: 04/08/15

Posted By: Jason Hyde on Apr 09, 2015

Lucha Underground Results & Review: 04/08/15

We start with a video recapping what we have seen over the past few weeks leading up to tonight’s matches and the Trios Tournament.

We got to the back where Dario Cueto is talking to Prince Puma and Konnan about the Trios Title and how he wants it to be very important. He tells Puma to find two partners to compete in the Trios Tournament. He says the team he has put together to face Puma and his team is captained by king Cuerno. He also tells Puma the Championship will be on the line against King Cuerno tonight.

We are welcomed into the Temple by Matt striker with Vampiro. Striker talks about the teams that have advances in the Trios tournament.

At ringside Melissa Santos introduces the team of Angelico, Son of Havoc, and Ivelisse. Their opponents are Drago, Aerostar, and Fenix.

Angelico, Son of Havoc & Ivelisse vs. Drago, Aerostar, & Fenix

We start with Angelico and Fenix. Fenix hits a quick double stomp and tries to get a pin but Angelico kicks out. Ivelisse tags herself into the ring then slaps Fenix. Fenix screams no at Ivelisse and Angelico tags back in and gets kicked by Fenix. Drago tags in and hits a springboard DDT and gets a two count. Drago kicks Angelico then tags Fenix back in. Fenix tags Aerostar they do an awesome move off the ropes where Aerostar is standing on the shoulders of Fenix. Aerostar goes for the cover but Drago pulls him off Angelico and goes for the cover instead. Angelico hits a knee and Havoc tags himself in. Havoc hits a standing shooting-star press and gets a two count. Ivelisse tags herself in and attacks Aerostar and hits a DDT and gets a two count. Angelico tags in and Aerostar hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissors takedown. Aerostar goes to tag Fenix but Drago intercepts and enters the ring. Drago hits a DDT and tags Fenix. Fenix lifts Drago to the outside taking out Angelico. Aerostar then tags in and does a cork-screw dive to the outside but Angelico moves and he takes out Drago. Back in the ring Ivelisse hits a big DDT on Fenix. Havoc dives to the outside, then Fenix does the same. Ivelisse is in the ring as Fenix comes back in. Ivelisse then dives to the outside of the ring. Fenix hits an elbow from the top rope onto Angelico on the apron. Back in the ring Havoc takes out Drago and Aerostar with a double elbow. Havoc goes for the tag but Ivelisse drops off the apron. Havoc hits a shooting-star from the top rope and gets the pin for the win on Aerostar.

Winner: Angelico, Son of Havoc & Ivelisse

Striker and Vampiro talk about what is coming up later as we go to a break.

My View: A very high energy match with many high spots. The match was hard to follow at times with the referee completely ignoring who was the legal man in the ring. The story they ate telling with Son of Havoc and Ivelisse is perfect and going to be fun watch. Having tension between Drago and Aerostar is only realistic; you can have a “Best of Five” series and not have a little tension.

Back from the break we see Puma working out and Konnan tells him Hernandez is going to be one of his partners and they only need to find one more. Johnny Mundo walks in and says Puma already found the third. Mundo says Cuerno is a sneaky bastard and he has his back tonight. Konnan tells Puma he can’t trust him.

Back at ringside Melissa Santos introduces Super fly who is already in the ring. Melissa Santos then introduces Sexy Star as Striker talks about how Sexy Star saved Super Fly last week from Pentagon Jr. Cueto comes out and says he knows they are friends but he wants them to have no mercy tonight so he will give them something to fight for. Cueto makes it a mask vs. mask match as we go to a break.

Back from the break Cueto says if they don’t want to lose their mask he suggest they forget they were ever friends and tells the referee to ring the bell.

Super fly vs. Sexy Star Mask vs. Mask match

They start with some back and forth. Striker and Vampiro describe how important the mask is and how much tradition and pride is in a mask. Super Fly kicks Sexy Star in the head twice and takes the upper hand. Sexy Star hits an X-Factor and mounts some offense. Super Fly slaps Sexy Star and throws her around the ring. Sexy star hits a hurricanrana from the top rope. Sexy star then hits an arm drag that takes Super Fly to the outside. Sexy star hits a cross body from the top rope to the outside. Back in the ring Sexy Star hits a code-breaker and gets a two count. Super Fly hits a leg drop and then a vicious slap. Sexy star hits a DDT and gets another two count. Super Fly hits a power bomb. Super Fly goes to the top rope and misses a moonsault which Sexy Star follows with a roll up and gets the three count for the win.

Winner: Super Fly

We go to a break.

Back from the break Super Fly is in the ring telling Sexy Star to take his mask but she doesn’t want to. She finally takes it off as we see the face of Super Fly and they hug. Pentagon rushes the ring and knocks Sexy Star to the outside. He hits the package pile driver on Super Fly then proceeds to lock in the arm bar and damage Super Fly’s arm as we go to another break.

My View: Not a bad match but I really do not get the mask vs. mask stipulation. There was no build up to the stipulation at all. The pentagon Jr. run in was expected. The only part I didn’t like was when Striker said “you have to beat that ass” referring to Sexy Star. They do so well at building up the females and one line can destroy it all.


Back from the break Melissa Santos introduces Prince Puma First as he comes out with Hernandez, Johnny Mundo, and Konnan. Prince Puma is wearing a skinned Puma head. King Cuerno comes out next all alone at first. Machine and Texano make their way out to ringside as King Cuerno’s partners for next week.

King Cuerno vs. Prince Puma Lucha Underground Championship Match

They start with a lock up in the middle and exchange some back and forth. Puma hits a kick and Cuerno goes to the outside. Puma takes flight to the outside but Texano and Cage catch him and Cuerno hits a neck breaker on the floor. On the outside Texano, Cage, Hernandez, and Mundo face off. Back in the ring Cuerno has the upper hand. Cuerno hits a drop kick and gets a two count. Cuerno continues to work on the back and legs of Puma. Cuerno hits a clothesline in the corner then distracts the referee. While the referee is distracted Texano ties the feet of Puma around the ring post. Cuerno attacks Puma then Texano releases him. Puma fights back and hits a huge punch and kick. Puma misses a splash but connects with a huge kick taking Cuerno to the outside. Puma takes flight taking out Cuerno. Texano and Cage attack Puma on the outside as Mundo gets in the ring and dives to the outside taking out Texano and Cage. Cage rolls Cuerno back into the ring. Back in the ring Cuerno goes for a pin but Puma kicks out. Puma hits a sit out slam and gets a two count. Puma misses the splash as Cuerno hits a two German suplexes followed by a vertical suplex and Cuerno gets a two count. Puma hits a huge kick and goes to the top rope. Puma hits the 630 splash and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Prince Puma

After the match Puma argues with Hernandez saying he didn’t want help. All six men attack each other in the ring as we go off the air.

My View: I really expected more from these two but with all the interference and limited time I think we got the best we could get. The match did well at developing future storylines and will continue next week.

Overall Show: The show was ok but they have had better. I am looking forward to next week as the trios Tournament continues.

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