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Lucha Underground Results & Review: 03/25/15

Posted By: Jason Hyde on Mar 26, 2015

Lucha Underground Results & Review: 03/25/15

We start with a video recapping what we have seen over the past few weeks leading up to tonight’s matches.

We are welcomed into the Temple by Matt striker with Vampiro. They hype tonight’s championship matches Melissa Santos introduces Angelico who makes his way to the ring. His opponent is Son of Havoc who is accompanied by Ivelisse.

Angelico vs. Son of Havoc

We start with a quick spear by Havoc as Angelico falls to the outside. Havoc goes to dive outside but adjust and drops to the floor and begins the attack on Angelico. Havoc throws Angelico into the ring as Ivelisse screams at Havoc. Back in the ring Havoc continues to have the upper hand. Havoc hits a curb stomp and gets a two count. Angelico fights back with some kicks, they share some back and forth that ends with Angelico hitting a kick to the head taking Havoc to the mat and getting a two count. Havoc catches Angelico with an elbow in the corner. Havoc goes to the top turnbuckle but Angelico catches him with a kick and Havoc falls to the outside. Angelico runs from ring post to ring post diving up and over the ring post and taking out Havoc on the outside. Angelico throws Havoc back in the ring and hits a high knee strike for the two count. Havoc avoids a clothesline and hits a jumping kick followed by a standing “shooting star press”, he covers and gets a two count. Havoc hits a reverse elbow then a huge back breaker and gets the two count again. Ivelisse continues to scream at Havoc and pulls him to the ring apron by his beard. Havoc pushes her hand away and hits Angelico with a kick to the head when Angelico rushes in trying to take advantage of the distracted Havoc. Havoc hits a springboard double stomp then a standing “moonsault” and gets another two count. Angelico hits a running knee then picks Havoc up for the “Fall of Angels” but Havoc counters it into a “hurricanrana”. Havoc goes to the top rope but Angelico catches him and gets on the ropes with him. Havoc fights back and Angelico falls and splits the ropes and then falls into the ring. Havoc still on the top turnbuckle grabs a microphone and says to Ivelisse he knows why he has been losing and it’s because she is holding him back, he then dumps her. Havoc hits a “shooting star press” and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Son of Havoc

After the match Havoc blows Ivelisse a kiss good bye. Ivelisse then kicks Angelico in the head taking him out as we go to a break.

My View: Finally we get some pay off in this storyline. Son of Havoc is one of the most talented men on the roster and the fans wanted to cheer not jeer him. I could not understand him losing week after week. I will admit though this story played out great on TV with Havoc finally getting the much deserved win.

Back from the break we go to Dario Cuetos office. He is talking to someone and says that they are now officially part f his roster. He says he is anxious to see what the wrestler can do in his ring. He says here he won’t be held back with some tag team and Konnan speaks very highly of him. He says he hopes he doesn’t disappoint, we finally see the wrestler and its Hernandez. Cueto says he has a front row seat because he is his honored guest.

My View: Well this should certainly be an interesting signing we will wait and see how it plays out.

Melissa Santos introduces Texano as he makes his way to the ring. Alberto makes his way to the ring next with the championship. Striker and Vampiro hype both wrestlers as the referee attaches the bull rope to both wrestlers and we go to a break.

Back from the break the bell rings and we are on.

Texano vs. Alberto El Patron Bull Rope match for the AAA Mega Championship

They have some back and forth where they beat each other for a bit. Alberto knocks Texano to the outside and hits a move to the outside and then throws Texano back in. Texano gets the upper hand and uses the cow bell on Alberto. Texano gets a chair and destroys Alberto with it. Alberto hits a DDT then a drop kick, he nails Texano who is on the top turnbuckle with the cow bell so hard it echoed. Alberto then hits a suplex from the middle rope. Alberto hits a “back stabber” and overlooks Texano. Alberto gets Texano’s other rope and whips Texano with it and gets a two count. Texano hits a “code breaker” and gets a two count of his own. Alberto hits a reverse suplex from the top rope and gets a two count. Texano slams Alberto hard into the chair he set up in the corner and gets a two count. Texano gets a table from under the ring and sets it up in the ring. Alberto hits an arm breaker followed by a kick to the head. Albert places Texano on the top turnbuckle but Texano reverses and “power bombs” Alberto through the table and gets a two count. Texano strikes Alberto repeatedly with the cow bell to the head. Albert locks in the arm bar submission over the top rope and Texano taps out for the win.

Winner: Alberto El Patron

We go to another break.

My View: This was a good match for what it was. I would love to see what these two wrestlers could do with more time. Texano is amazing in the ring and Alberto is known for his hard work. This feud is far from over and I can’t wait to see more from the two. I thought possibly they would put this match on last I am glad they didn’t though. Although overall the AAA belt may hold more prestige it cannot be more important than the Lucha Underground championship in Lucha Underground.

Back from the break we see a video of Konnan working out Prince Puma as Hernandez walks in. Hernandez tells Puma he is a big fan and puma gestures thank you. Konnan says remember what I’ve taught you as we go back to ringside.

Melissa Santos introduces Cage first as the “Machine” makes his way to the ring. Striker goes over the impressive list of wins cage has put together. Melissa Santos then introduces Prince Puma with Konnan. We see Hernandez at ringside as Striker points it out. Dario Cuetos music hits and out he comes with the new Lucha Underground Championship as we got o a break.

Back from the break the bell rings and were on.

Cage vs. Prince Puma in a Boyle Heights Street Fight for the Lucha Underground Championship

We start with a quick kick from puma who then rushes Cage and gets thrown to the ring apron. Puma kicks cage in the head but Cage hits Puma with a huge clothesline taking him to the floor. Cage goes outside but Puma throws Cage into the ring post. Puma then leap frogs cage to the ring apron, he gives cage a small kick for separation and then goes for a “hurricanrana” but Cage catches him and “power bombs” him into the ring post. Cage throws Puma into the ring steps then the ring barrier. Cage throws Puma into the ring and then gets a chair. Puma kicks the chair into the face of cage and goes to the outside and gets a trash can lid and destroys cage with it. Puma goes to the outside and gets a table and sets it up outside the ring. Cage goes to the outside and hits Puma with the trash can lid. Back in the ring Cage hits a kick from the “torture rack” and gets a two count. After some back and forth Puma kicks Cage to the outside. Puma goes to the top rope and hits a “high rise shooting star press” from the top rope to the outside. Puma places cage on the table and goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a springboard “450 Splash” through the table onto cage. Puma brings Cage back into the ring and goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Puma goes to the top rope but Cage catches him knocking him to the outside. Cage gets a chair and puts Pumas head in the chair and slams him into the ring post. Konnan and Cage have some words and Cage throws Konnan into the ring barrier. Cage throws a trash can then Puma into the ring. In the ring Puma avoids a chair shot and kicks cage. Puma picks up the chair and hits Cage with it. Puma suplexes Cage onto the chair and gets a two count. Puma goes to the top turnbuckle and misses the “450 splash” when Cage moves out of the way. Cage hits a huge clothesline and gets a two count. Cage hits “Weapon X” then strikes Puma repeatedly in the head. Cage “power bombs” Puma to the mat then through the trash can. Cage calls out both Hernandez and Konnan. Cage has words with Hernandez who is on the ring apron. Konnan gets in the ring and strikes Cage with the cane. Puma goes to the top turnbuckle and this time hits the “450 splash” and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Prince Puma

After the match Puma celebrates as Konnan comes into the ring. Konnan presents Prince Puma with the new championship as they hug and we go off the air.

My View: I could have done without the interference but it was a great match. It allows Prince Puma to move on to new things and sets up a feud between Cage and Hernandez.


Overall Show: another great show from Lucha Underground. This is the first time I have watched these types of moves since the tragic accident and death of Perro Aguayo. You can’t help but realize every move could end their career or life and they are doing it to entertain us. I truly appreciate what these men and woman do. Thanks for joining me and see you next time in the temple.

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