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Roman Reigns On How He Feels Going Into WM 31

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Mar 24, 2015

Roman Reigns On How He Feels Going Into WM 31

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns recently spoke to BroBible.com about how he's feeling heading into WrestleMania 31 to challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

So are you nervous excited or excited excited right now?

"That’s a good way of asking that question. I’m excited excited right now. I think the nervous-excited won’t kick in until we get closer to Sunday."

Did you think you’d be headlining a WrestleMania so early in your career?

"A lot of people get into wrestling just because they want to wrestle or because they grew up watching as fans and they’re living out a fantasy. I have some of that but I got into wrestling with one goal –to be the top guy."

Since you wrestle almost 365 days a year, what does your average day look like?

"My average match is 20-25 minutes. That’s probably the easiest part of my day. There’s a full day of training involved before I even hit the ring. I usually do 30-40 minutes of cardio before I even hit the ring. Eating right is tough. I have to be concerned about my meal, and while I’m eating, I have to think about my next meal. Sometimes you see guys lugging around 3-4 meals just in case. My body just expects it."

And how about rest?

"You have to smart and implement your rest days. We don’t get a lot of them, so you’ve got to use them wisely. You need the time to rebuild."

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