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Lucha Underground Results & Review: 03/18/15

Posted By: Jason Hyde on Mar 19, 2015

Lucha Underground Results & Review: 03/18/15

We start with a video recapping what we have seen over the past few weeks leading up to tonight’s matches.

We are welcomed into the Temple by Matt striker with Vampiro. Melissa Santos introduces the third match between Aerostar and Drago. Aerostar comes out first with Drago to follow. Striker points out the winner of the “best of five” series will get a unique opportunity.

Aerostar vs. Drago

We start with some back and forth with both wrestlers feeling each other out. Drago gets a leg submission on Aerostar. Aerostar is able to get to the ropes and break the hold. Aerostar gets a roll up for the two count. Drago hits a leg sweep followed by a slam power bomb and he gets a two count. Aerostar goes to the outside and Drago gives chase. Drago dives over the corner of the ring just to be kicked in the head by Aerostar. Back in the ring Aerostar hits a splash and gets a two count. Both men hit a cross body and fall to the mat. Aerostar hits a drop toe hold then a kick, followed by a springboard drop kick taking Drago to the outside. Aerostar then hits a springboard reverse dive on Drago and it appears both men are hurt. Both men get back in the ring and Drago gets the upper hand with a kick, he hits a DDT and gets a two count. Drago hits a spin out type move and gets a two count. Aerostar throws Drago out onto the apron then goes out as well. Drago hits a kick to the head, but Aerostar hits a double stomp when Drago gets tangled in the ropes. Aerostar goes for a splash off the ropes onto Drago but misses. Aerostar then falls to the outside and Drago hits a corkscrew dive to the outside. Back in the ring Drago hits a running power bomb then goes to the top rope. Aerostar catches Drago on the top rope. Drago is still sitting on the top turnbuckle when Aerostar walks across the ropes from the opposite corner and hits a hurricanrana. Aerostar then hits a missile type dive and gets the three count for the win.

Winner: Aerostar

After the match they both shake hands. Striker and Vampiro hype the “Grave Consequences” match as we go to a break.

My View: Another great match between these two. They continue to come up with new things to make the match fresh and more interesting than the one before it. Vampiro made a comment about the Lucha fans actually liking the product; I could only take that as a shot at WWE.

Back from the break we see a video hyping Konnans revenge, this video revolves around the game of chess. At the end of the video we see he was talking to Puma the whole time while playing chess.

My View: This video was not as cheesy as it sound it was well done.

Back in the ring the 3-on-1 elimination match is next. Melissa Santos introduces The Crew which is already in the ring. Big Ryck comes out next; he is wearing the eye patch and the cigar is in his mouth.

The Crew vs. Big Ryck

We start with the crew attacking Ryck and quickly getting the upper hand. Bael tries to pin Ryck but he kicks out at two. They hit three drop kicks in the corner on Ryck and continue the beat down. They hit a double stomp DDT for a two count. Bael gets a chair as Cisco works over Ryck in the ring. Bael sets up the chair in the corner but Ryck fights back and throws Bael into the chair. Cortez hits Ryck with a kendo stick but Ryck gets the upper hand and uses the kendo stick on all members of the Crew. Ryck power bombs Bael and gets the pin and eliminates Bael. Big Ryck hits a double suplex on Cisco and Cortez. Ryck uses the keno stick to execute a clothesline on Cortez and gets the pin for the elimination. Now it’s just Ryck and Cisco and Cisco retreats up the stairs. Sexy Star comes out and kicks him down the stairs and throws Cisco in the ring. Ryck punches Cisco in the eye then sets up a chair. Cisco is busted open as Ryck works on the eye of Cisco. Ryck power bombs Cisco thru the chair and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Big Ryck

Striker hypes the “Grave Consequences” match which is next as we go to a break.

My View: This match was ok it was a straight beat down of the Crew to show the dominance of Big Ryck.

Back from the break Striker announces that next week Alberto El Patron will defend his AAA Championship against Texano in a “Bull Rope” match. They also announce that #1 contender Cage will face the Champion Prince Puma in a “Boyle Heights” street fight.

We go to the ring where Melissa Santos explains the rules of the match. The only way to win is to place your opponent in a casket and slam it shut. We see several people walk the casket to the ring; they are wearing the makeup of the dead. The first man out is Mil Muertes with the sacred rock as we go to a break.

Back from the break Fenix is out next with Catrina.

Fenix vs. Mil Muertes “Grave Consequences” Match (Casket Match).

We start off quickly with Muertes hitting a suicide dive thru the ring ropes onto Fenix. Muertes throws Fenix head first off the announcers table then back into the ring. Muertes hits a boot to the head and beats Fenix down. Fenix hits a kick but misses a running drop kick from the outside. Fenix hits a summersault dive to the outside on Muertes. Muertes slams Fenix off the casket then hits Fenix with a flower arrangement. Fenix gives Muertes a DDT of the casket. Fenix then goes for a suicide dive to the outside but Muertes picks up the casket and Fenix dives head first into it. Muertes then tears at the mask of Fenix. Muertes removes a piece from the turnbuckle and beats Fenix with it then Muertes chokes Fenix with the piece. Outside the ring they fight up the concrete steps. Muertes continues the assault. They fight on the edge of the balcony as the fans cheer. They both tumble back down the stairs. Muertes power bombs Fenix onto the announcers table. Muertes pulls the casket into the ring and sets it up in the corner. Fenix rushes in but Muertes hits a suplex and Fenix slams so hard into the casket the top breaks. Muertes then appears to lick at the blood running from Fenix. Fenix fights back and hits a super kick but Muertes catches him on the top turnbuckle and hits a knee breaker to the head of Fenix. Back outside the ring they climb into the crowd as Muertes continues the assault using chairs and anything he can find. Fenix hits a kick to get a small break from the assault. Fenix hits a diving summersault onto Muertes. Muertes slams Fenix hard into the ring barricade, and then does the same to the head of Fenix several times. Fenix hits a super kick and then hits another dive from the barricade onto Muertes. Muertes goes to clothesline Fenix but misses and takes out Catrina. As Muertes is checking on her Fenix hits a Pele’ kick. Both men fight on the ring apron as Catrina opens the casket. Fenix hits a kick then a double stomp that takes Muertes into the casket. Catrina licks the stone and throws it into the casket with Muertes and then closes it shut for the win.

Winner: Fenix

After the match the precession of death comes out to wheel the casket off. We go off the air with Fenix celebrating in the ring.

My View: all I can say about this match is “WOW” and please watch it for yourself.

Overall Show: Another great show and next week is going to be just as good.They need to try and get another hour because they could easily fill it. This is without a doubt the best wrestling show on television that is filmed for original programming. Thanks for following along see you next time in the Temple.

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