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Lucha Underground Results & Review: 03/04/15

Posted By: Jason Hyde on Mar 05, 2015

Lucha Underground Results & Review: 03/04/15

We start with a video recapping what we have seen over the past few weeks including the return of Alberto El patron.

We go to the office of Dario Cueto he is talking to Alberto and says tonight will be his first match in Lucha Underground and Alberto asks against who. Cueto says a couple names but Alberto says he wants Texano. Alberto clears Cuetos desk and says again he wants Texano. Cueto agrees and says it will be the main event.

My View: Good opening segment promoting a huge match and once again showing Albertos new found fire.

We are welcomed into the Temple by Matt striker with Vampiro. Melissa Santos introduces Mil Muertes to the ring. Striker points out Catrina is not by the side of Mil Muertes. Fenix makes his way to the ring next.

Mil Muertes vs. Fenix

The action starts outside the ring with Fenix hitting a hurricanrana on Muertes outside the ring. Fenix throws Muertes into the ring apron but Muertes gets the upper hand only to get kicked into the ring by Fenix. Fenix hits a leg drop from the top rope and gets a two count. Muertes hits a big clothesline the assaults Fenix in the center of the ring. Muertes hits a DDT on Fenix and stands over him. Muertes hits a cutter and gets a two count. Muertes puts on a chin lock as Fenix fights back to his feet. Muertes throws Fenix off the ropes and punches him right in the mouth. We see Catrina at the top off the arena stairs as she starts walking to the ring. Vampiro calls Catrina a trouble maker. Muertes continues to have the upper hand. Fenix fights back and hits some kicks. Muertes goes to the outside and Fenix flies to the outside taking him out. Muertes destroys Fenix outside the ring. Back in the ring Fenix hits a cutter and gets a two count. Fenix goes to the top rope but Muertes catches him with a knee breaker from the top rope. Muertes picks Fenix up and hits the “Flat Liner”.

Winner: Mil Muertes

Muertes summons Catrina to the ring and tells her to give Fenix the “lick of death”. Catrina says no and he grabs her by the neck and pulls her into the ring and throws her into the corner. Fenix has the stone and hits Muertes with it and saves Catrina. Catrina gives Muertes the “lick of death” then kisses Fenix. We go to a break as they hype Sexy Star vs. Big Ryck and Alberto El Patron vs. Texano for tonight.

My View: The match was what you expect from these two but the storyline is what was important here. They continue to build intrigue between these three.

After the break a video airs hyping Konnans revenge.

Ivelisse is in Cuetos office saying she should be the number one contender. Cueto says no, that she only won because Son of Havoc got involved. Cueto says if she wants to prove herself next week she is going to go one on one with Angelico again but this time Son of Havoc will be the special guest referee. Cueto says he hopes Havoc can control his woman as good inside the ring as she does outside it.

My View: Again this just another segment setting up a future storyline. I like that Angelico is getting used he is great in ring talent.

We see puma in the gym punching a bag as Alberto El patron walks in. Patron says if Puma wants to survive he needs to man up. He says puma needs to show some aggression next time he faces Cage. Alberto then says he will be coming for the title as we go to a break.

My View: In all reality what fan does not want to see Alberto vs. Puma? This was a great plug for a distant contest.

Back from the break Melissa Santos introduces Big Ryck who is already in the ring. Striker points out Rycks eye patch. His opponent is Sexy star.

Sexy Star vs. Big Ryck winner gets a match with the Crew

Sexy star hits some kicks on Big Ryck. He throws her in the corner then rushes in but she moves. Sexy Star hits a cross body from the top rope and she gets a two count. Ryck throws her to the outside and tells her to stay out. Sexy star gets back in the ring and Ryck continues to show his size and strength all while trying not to hurt her. Rick goes to slam her but he just puts her on the mat and holds her down for the pin.

Winner: Big Ryck

After the match the Crew comes out and attacks Ryck. Sexy Star gets involved trying to save Ryck. The Crew destroys both wrestlers. Ryck fights back as the Crew leaves the ring as we go to a break

My View: This potentially sets upa match that has sexy star involved as well. The match was forgettable and I will address it in my overall view of the show.

Back from the break Melissa Santos introduces the AAA Mega Champion Alberto El Patron. A video hypes Alberto El patron. Texano makes his entrance after the video as we go to a break.

Back from the break both men are in the ring. Vampiro points out that this is the first time on the two have met on American soil.

Albert El Patron vs. Texano

The bell rings and they lock up in the corner and the referee gets a clean break. Texano hits a shoulder tackle but Alberto follows with a slam as Texano rolls to the outside. Alberto follows but Texano gets back in the ring and gains the upper hand with a kick. Texano hits a suplex in the center of the ring. Alberto hits an elbow then a hurricanrana followed by a kick to the mid section in the corner. Alberto hits another move and gets a two count. Texano hits a kick but Alberto throws him to the outside and hits a suicide dive. Texano throws Alberto into the ring barrier then hits a DDT as Vampiro talks about the significance of “El Patron”. Texano throws Alberto into the ring post. Texano throws Alberto back into the ring and wears him down with a chin lock. Alberto fights back but Texano hits a drop kick and gets a two count. Texano uses an arm bar to wear down Alberto then throws him into the ring post. Texano goes to the top turnbuckle but Alberto catches him and suplexes Texano from the top rope. Both men exchange blows with Alberto getting the upper hand with a back breaker. Alberto hits the back stabber and gets a two count. Alberto misses a super kick and Texano hits a spine-buster and gets a two count. Texano places Alberto onto the top turnbuckle and kicks him hard in the head. Texano removes the padding from the turnbuckle. As the referee is distracted putting the padding back on Texano gets the bull rope. Texano punches Alberto with the bull rope. Alberto is still perched on the top turnbuckle. Texano stands on the middle rope and attempts a suplex, but Alberto fights back and Texano falls trapping suspending him just above the mat. Alberto hits a double stomp from the top rope to the midsection of Texano. Alberto is back to his feet and so is Texano as he hits a sit out “power bomb” on Alberto. Alberto hits an arm breaker followed by a kick to the head of Texano and gets a two count. Texano gets the bull rope but Alberto blocks the punch from Texano and the rope. Alberto hits a “Tornado” DDT from the middle rope. Alberto grabs the rope and whips Texano with it as the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Texano by DQ

My View: This was a great match with a different style. It was very entertaining and told a story. The crowd was hot for this match. We know Alberto is a great wrestler and great talent but for many this is a first look at Texano. Texano did not disappoint showing why he was the longest running AAA champion. I cannot wait to see more from these two.

After the match Alberto destroys Texano with the rope. Striker says goodnight with Alberto celebrating.

We go to the office of Dario Cueto and he is talking to King Cuerno. Cueto says it’s better to lock someone in a cage so they can’t get away. Cuerno says Johnny Mundo should be careful what he wishes for. Cuerno says he will defeat Mundo next week in a cage match.


Overall Show: This was another great showing from Lucha Underground. All the matches were done well as far as advancing the storylines. We got a huge announcement for next week as it will be Johnny Mundo vs. King Cuerno in a cage, which should be spectacular.

I would like to address a comment Striker made during the Sexy Star match. He said “you can get hooked up on gender equality or just sit back and watch”. At first I was ok with the woman competing with men and for the most part I still am but if Striker is going to make that comment then you can’t have Sexy Star looking so weak against Big Ryck. They made her look like the weak woman who cannot do anything for herself. That said under no circumstances am I condoning the storyline with Mil Muertes and Catrina. It is one thing to have woman willingly wrestle men. The storyline with Catrina is Mil Muertes abusing her, and throwing her, and choking her. This storyline or at least those actions in it need to cease immediately its not entertaining.

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