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Lucha Underground Results & Review: 02/25/15

Posted By: Jason Hyde on Feb 26, 2015

Lucha Underground Results & Review: 02/25/15

We are welcomed into the Temple by Matt striker with Vampiro. They announce tonight Puma returns to get revenge on Cage. Melissa Santos introduces Aerostar who is already in the ring. Striker pointed out that Aerostar asks for this rematch with Drago who is out next.

Aerostar vs. Drago

They start with a handshake then things take of quickly with Aerostar hitting a head scissors takedown knocking Drago to the outside. Aerostar springs of the ropes diving onto Drago outside the ring. Back in the ring Aerostar misses a kick and Drago gets a two count. After some back and forth Drago hits a DDT followed by a spinning move I can’t explain. Drago then kicks Aerostar and goes for the pin and gets a two count. Aerostar hits a drop toe hold onto Drago in the corner followed by a drop kick in the corner. Aerostar then hits a drop kick from the top rope and gets a two count. Drago hits a kick taking Aerostar to the outside Drago then flies to the outside taking out Aerostar. Both men get on the ring apron and Aerostar avoids Drago as he falls to the floor. Aerostar hits a suicide dive onto Drago outside the ring. Back in the ring Drago hits an arm drag from the top rope. They have an amazing sequence of back and forth roll throughs and pin attempts. Drago is lifted out onto the ring apron and Aerostar hits a running power bomb from the apron onto the floor as the crowd chants “Holly Shit”. Aerostar quickly throws Drago back into the ring and hits a springboard splash for the three count.

Winner: Aerostar

After the match they celebrate in the ring as Dario Cueto comes out. Cueto says as much as he loved that little contest he is left wanting more than states that is a compliment. He says it is obvious Aerostar and Drago love each other and he has a plan to keep them together. He says Aerostar and Drago are going to compete until one of them wins two more times, and the winner will get one of his unique opportunities.

My View: This was an amazing match for how short it was. These two are going to be amazing in three more matches. This is what I like about Lucha underground they give time for stories to develop. They also give time to wrestlers to work a program with each other. Essentially what Cueto announced for these two was a best 3 out of 5 series.

We see a video hyping King Cuerno as we go to a break.


Back from the break Striker says were only one match in and he is already spent as Melissa Santos introduces Cage. His opponent is Prince Puma as he makes his way to the ring. If Cage wins he gets a title shot.

Cage vs. Prince Puma

Puma rushes the ring and Cage gets the upper hand with his power. Puma hits a horrible looking hurricanrana or maybe it was a head scissors. Puma then hits a kick to the head of Cage on the apron. Cage hits a massive clothesline taking Puma to the outside. Cage suplexes Puma back into the ring from the ring apron. Cage continues the beat down on Puma. Cage lifts Puma up into a suplex and holds it but Puma fights out lands on his feet. Puma hits a springboard cross body but Cage catches him and bench presses him and throws him hard onto the mat followed by a kick to the head. Cage applies pressure to the head of Puma. Cage hits a suplex and continues to have the advantage. Cage rushes into the corner but Puma catches him with an elbow and then a kick. Cage hits a power slam but misses a moonsault from the top rope. Puma hits a kick to the head of Cage taking him to the outside. Puma hits a high angle shooting tsar flip onto Cage on the outside. He throws Cage back in the ring and hits a 630 splash from the top rope and gets a two count. Cage goes for a clothesline but misses and Puma picks him up on his shoulders he goes for a move but Cage lands on his feet and goes for a gut wrench suplex that Puma switches into a hurricanrana and gets a two count. Puma hits a super kick then a kick to the back of the head of Cage. Puma goes to the top rope and misses his move as Cage gets to his feet and hits a spinning lariat and gets a two count. Cage hits an inside-out pump handle slam for a two count. Cage puts a knee submission move on Puma. Vampiro gets Strikers attention and points out Konnan is at ring side. Puma fights to the ropes and breaks the hold. Cage yells at Konnan as Konnan removes his glasses. Cage power bombs Puma onto the mat then into the corner he then hits the “Weapon X” and continues to beat down Puma. Konnan grabs the towel and throws it in.

Winner: Cage

After the match Striker questions why Konnan threw in the towel and asks if he just gave away a title shot to Cage. Cage takes the towel and drapes it over Puma and poses. Striker says Konnan must have a reason and Vampiro says no he has an agenda.

My View: This was a good match showing both the strength of cage and the resiliency of Puma. Konnan throwing in the towel is clearly setting up a storyline between him and Puma at some point. There was botched spot at the beginning of the match. It seemed puma was going to go for a hurricanrana but Cage acted as if it was a head scissors which led to an awkward looking fall.

They show a video recapping the destruction Pentagon Jr. has accomplished the past couple of weeks in the name of his Master.


Back from the break we see Puma very upset in the back. Konnan says he did him a favor. He said it’s the art of war and they need to execute their plan.

We go to Cuetos office where Sexy Star says to him she is sick of men always jumping into her matches to save her she is capable of doing it herself. Cueto says its sounds like she has a problem with Big Ryck. Star says no her problem is with the crew because they sent her friends to the hospital. Cueto says he is going to give her Big Ryck as her opponent and whoever wins gets the Crew.

My View: One would assume Big Ryck is going to get his match with the Crew so not sure where Sexy Star fits in. I admit seeing her against the big man will be a different situation for her.


Back from the break Melissa Santos introduces Vinny Massaro who is already in the ring. Striker says Massaro is a well known brawler. His opponent is Pentagon Jr. Pentagon Jr. calls Melissa over and whispers in her ear and she then says this match is dedicated to his master.

Vinny Massaro vs. Pentagon Jr.

They lock up and Pentagon Jr. hits a huge slap on Massaro. Pentagon Jr. then hits a kick to the face and follows it by more kicks. Pentagon Jr. hits the three-up-three-down driver and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Pentagon Jr.

After the match pentagon Jr. gets a table and sets it up in the ring. He then places Massaro on the top turnbuckle and power bombs Massaro through the table. Pentagon then snaps the arm of Massaro like he has done to the others. Pentagon Jr. prays to his master as we go to a break.

My View: Short match but continues a very unique and entertaining storyline for Pentagon Jr.


Back from the break Melissa Santos introduces King Cuerno. Striker mentions King Cuerno has been hunting Johnny Mundo the past few weeks. Johnny Mundo is out next as they talk about Mundos unique wrestling ability.

Johnny Mundo vs. King Cuerno

We start off with a big elbow from Cuerno. Mundo then takes Cuerno down and punches him on the mat. Mundo hits a big kick to the head of Cuerno and gets a quick two count. Cuerno is on the ring apron and kicks Mundo in the back of the head but Mundo comes right back with a super kick taking Cuerno to the floor. Mundo hits what Striker calls a double side flip onto the outside taking out Cuerno. Mundo throws Cuerno back into the ring and Mundo takes him out with a kick. Mundo goes for a running knee but Cuerno catches him and turns it into a back breaker. Cuerno then hits a leg drop and gets a two count. Cuerno then hits a drop kick to the injured leg of Mundo. Cuerno continues to beat Mundo down and keep the advantage. Mundo fights back and hits a spear and gets a two count. They have a quick back and forth with reverses and switches the crowd appreciates. Mundo rushes in for a splash that Cuerno avoids and Cuerno hits a big kick. Mundo hits springboard knee from the ropes followed by a running moonsault. Mundo then places Cuerno in front of the corner and goes to the top turnbuckle but Cuerno catches him kicking him to the outside. Cuerno takes Mundo out with the suicide dive. Cuerno gets back into the ring and hits another suicide dive onto Mundo knocking him onto the announcers table. Striker points out that Vampiro has had his headset knocked off and it’s just him until they get that fixed. Cuerno then hits the “Arrow of Death” onto Mundo outside the ring. Both men lay flat outside the ring trying to catch their breath. The referee counts out both men as they both hits a clothesline.

Winner: Draw

After the match they continue to battle each other as Mundo gets thrown into the ring post. Mundo then throws Cuerno into the camera man. Mundo hits a dive threw the ring ropes on Cuerno. Cuerno then throws Mundo into the cement wall. Mundo reveres a move and throws Cuerno into a metal railing. They climb the cement stairs where Mundo kicks Cuerno. They continue the fight across the balcony as a referee gets taken out. Mundo suplexes Cuerno into a caged off area as we go off the air.

My View: This match was everything you would expect. Having them fight to a draw was the only way to end this. Having a decisive win this early in the feud would not be right. You could tell these two held back a little not wanting to show us everything they can do.

Overall Show: Another great show by Lucha Underground. They have established two great feuds with Aerostar vs. Drago and Johnny Mundo vs. King Cuerno. The main event feud with cage and Prince Puma also picked up tonight. Knowing that Alberto El patron and Texano Jr. are waiting to get their feud started and you can’t help but be excited. I hope at some point the El Rey network can get them a longer time slot. I watch RAW, SmackDown, TNA Impact, and NJPW on AXS TV every week and it is easy to realize Striker is one of the two best play by play commentators in the business today.

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