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Lucha Underground Results & Review: 02/18/15

Posted By: Jason Hyde on Feb 19, 2015

Lucha Underground Results & Review: 02/18/15

We are welcomed into the Temple by Matt striker with Vampiro. They talk about Chavo Guerrero and his match tonight with Mil Muertes. Melissa Santos introduces Mil Muertes who Striker notes does not have Catrina by his side. Out next is Chavo Guerrero.

Mil Muertes vs. Chavo Guerrero

They start with a shoulder block as Chavo is knocked to the mat then Muertes knocks him to the outside. Muertes follows Chavo but Chavo gets back in the ring and hits a running baseball slide and takes out Muertes. Chavo dives from the ring apron but Muertes catches him and rams him into the ring post then throws him back in the ring. As Muertes tries to get back in the ring Chavo kicks him and then dives to the outside and takes Muertes out. Back in the ring Chavo hits a kick but it doesn’t faze Muertes. Chavo takes out the legs of Muertes and begins to work on them using the ring post. Muertes hits a right hand knocking Chavo to the mat. Chavo takes Muertes back to the outside as we see Catrina at the top of the stairs. Back in the ring Muertes hits a huge back drop from the electric chair position. Muertes knocks Chavo to the mat again then a huge clothesline and gets a two count. Chavo is thrown to the outside by Muertes. Catrina pulls out the stone as Muertes stairs at her Chavo gets a chair. Chavo strikes Muertes with it but it doesn’t faze him at all as the referee calls for the bell for the disqualification.

Winner: Mil Muertes by DQ

After the match Muertes hits the flat liner onto the chair. Muertes orders Catrina into the ring but she doesn’t go and Muertes grabs her by the hair and makes her give Chavo the lick of death but Catrina defies him as Muertes grabs her by the throat. Muertes goes to hit the flat liner on Catrina but Fenix comes in for the save. Outside the ring Catrina kisses Fenix.

My View: The match was not great but its purpose was to set up the ending in which Fenix and Catrina team up against Mil Muertes. I like this storyline as Mil Muertes and Fenix have had some great matches. As a man I do not need Striker and Vampiro telling me how sexy Catrina is once again I can see this for myself.

We go to the back where we see Black Lotus unlocking a door and going up some stairs as we go to a break.

Back from the break Dario Cueto says he has to be impressed with whoever he is talking to. He says let me be nostalgic and we see the crew. He says his favorite memory of them was when they took out Big Ryck. He says he is going to reward them with the main event but they will have to continue to show they are really rabid dogs. Tonight the will face Sexy Star, Pimpinela Escarlata, and Mascarita Sagrada in a no DQ match. He says their only job is to hurt them so bad that they never come back.

Back at ringside Ivelisse and Son of Havoc are in the ring. Ivelisse says tonight Havoc was suppose to have a rematch against Angelico but after watching him lose week after week its best if she handles his battles for him. Angelico makes his way to the ring. Vampiro calls Ivelisse a bitch

Ivelisse vs. Angelico

Ivelisse hits some kicks and slaps and Angelico backs away then hits a drop toe hold. She keeps coming at him as Angelico keeps backing away and Ivelisse strikes him in the groin then slaps him when he takes her down. Angelico keeps eluding her but Ivelisse slaps him and then hits a hurricanrana from the top rope. She hits a huge kick to the head but Angelico throws her up n the air and she lands on her chest and Striker calls it a $12,000.00 fall. Son of Havoc hits a huge kick to the head and Ivelisse gets a roll up for the win.

Winner: Ivelisse

After the match Angelico says if she ever wants to go one on one with him without her boyfriend around he has no problem with that. Striker says looks like girlfriends are leaving their boyfriends left and right, and then says in wrestling that never heard off.

My View: Once again the match was not great I am guessing they are setting up some storyline here. Striker and Vampiro continue with the horrible jokes. I am pretty sure Striker was implying Ivelisse has breast implants with the $12,000.00 comment.

We recap the attack by Texano on Alberto El Patron last week as we go to a break.

Back from the break Melissa Santos introduces Super Fly who is already in the ring. Out next is Texano as Striker points out he is the youngest and longest running Champion in AAA history. We go to an interview Vampiro did with Texano. The interview is just a hype package talking about Texanos dominance in AAA. He does talk about how Albert El Patron stole the belt from him.

Super Fly vs. Texano

Vampiro talks about how Texano looks like his father. After some back and forth and a couple quick pin attempts both men are on their feet and the crowd reacts. Super Fly misses a drop kick then Super Fly misses a move from the top rope. Texano hits a leg drop and gets a two count. Texano hits a neck breaker and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Texano

After the match Texano stand victorious in the ring as Alberto el Patron comes out. Alberto rushes into the ring but Texano escapes but Alberto follows as they brawl outside the ring. Texano is back in the ring as Alberto beats him with his own bull rope. Security comes out and breaks them up as we go to a break.

My View: The match was ok for a short match. The after match activity was great. It continues to show the emption and passion Alberto El patron has. Texano has a great look and moves well in the ring his father is who also wrestled as El Texano.

After the break we see Dario Cueto in his office. Cage enters and says it’s time that Cueto does what is right and declare him the champion. Cueto says it is not that simple and cage disagrees. Cueto says Cage has everything he wants in a champion but he lost to Puma. He says next week he gets Puma in a one on one match and if he wins he gets a title shot. Cage says get him a real title belt not that Aztec piece of crap. Chavo then enters and says call Mexico and tell them they got what they wanted and he has had enough and he quits he is going home to his family. Cueto says he wishes Chavo luck in his future endeavors.

My View: This was a good segment setting up Cage and Puma and Chavos storyline. That was clearly a shot at WWE with the “future endeavors” line.

We see the Black Lotus somewhere in the temple going thru a door. She approaches a cage and says so this where he keeps you. She says the only thing she wanted to be when she grew up was the woman that killed whoever she is talking to with her bare hands as we go to a break.

Back from the break Melissa Santos introduces the Crew who are already in the ring. Out next is Sexy Star, Pimpinela Escarlata, and Mascarita Sagrada.

The Crew vs. Sexy Star, Pimpinela Escarlata, and Mascarita Sagrada Trios Match

The bell rings and all hell break loose. In the ring Pimpinela kisses Cortez then he uses the kendo stick on Pimpinela. Outside the ring Bael and Cisco work on Sexy Star. Pimpinela is being choked and destroyed by Cortez. Pimpinela is checked on by doctors as Sagrada attacks Cisco in the ring. Sagrada flies to the outside but he gets a vicious boot from Cisco. In the ring Sexy Star battles with Cortez who hits a huge kick then she gets a splash from Bael in the corner. Pimpinela is taken to the back so Striker points out this now a 3 on 2 match. In the ring Bael hits a move on Sagrada the all three members of the Crew assault him. They get a chair and squash Sagradas face into it. It is now 3 on 1 with Sexy Star being the only one left. Sexy Star holds her own for a bit hitting a huge DDT on Bael to the outside. Cortez hits a huge kick to the head of Sexy Star then she hits one of her own. Sexy star then hits a swinging neck breaker but Cisco grabs her by the hair. Cisco goes to the top turn buckle but Sexy Star catches him and hits the hurricanrana from the top rope. The Crew gets the advantage as the numbers take over. We then see Big Ryck coming down the stairs as Sexy Star pins Bael for the win.

Winner: Sexy Star

The crew takes the high ground and Ryck stands in the ring as we go off the air.

My View: The match was hard to follow but Sexy Star continues to impress vs. the men. You knew Big Ryck was going to come out it was a matter of when.

Overall Show: The show was not one of the better ones. It felt like this week’s episode was building towards bigger things. Thank you for following along see you next week in the temple.

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