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Lucha Underground Results & Review: 02/04/15

Posted By: Jason Hyde on Feb 05, 2015

Lucha Underground Results & Review: 02/04/15

We start with a drama filled video recapping the history of the past few weeks that have led to the current feuds and the newly crowned champion and the attack by Cage last week.

My View: The Editing and work with this video was awesome it was like watching the opening of NCIS or one of televisions great dramas.

We are welcomed into the Temple by Matt striker with Vampiro. They recap what Cage did to Prince Puma, Konnan and the belt last week. Already in the ring is Ivelisse and Son of Havok. Ivelisse grabs the microphone she tells the crowd to shut up. She says she is tired of reading tweets that say Son of Havoc sucks, and she does not date losers. She says she is the baddest Bitch in the building. Melissa Santos then introduces his opponent Angelico. Striker calls Son of Havok the SD Jones of Lucha Underground.

Son of Havoc vs. Angelico

They lock up and Havoc puts an arm bar on Angelico but he escapes. After some back and forth Angelico hits a drop kick. Angelico hits some kicks and high knees, then a flying knee on Havoc in the corner. After a distraction by Ivelisse Havoc hits a face first power bomb on Angelico. He then hits a vicious uppercut and knocks Angelico into the corner. Angelico fights back but is taken down by havoc who hits a standing moonsault. After some back and forth in the center of the ring Havoc hits a move to the mid section of Angelico. Havoc chokes Angelico on the ropes and the referee breaks it up. Angelico gives Havoc a double stomp but cannot get the cover. Havoc goes to the outside and Angelico takes flight. He takes Havoc out with a summersault flips and lands on his feet. He throws Havoc back into the ring and super kicks him, and gets a two count. Havoc hits a back breaker and gets a two count. Havoc goes to the top turnbuckle but Angelico catches him. Havoc throws him face first to the mat, Havoc then goes for a 360 splash but Angelico moves and Havoc lands on his feet. Havoc rushes into the corner and Angelico catches him with a boot. Angelico goes for his move the Angel Wings power bomb but Havoc turns it into a hurricanrana and Angelico rolls outside. Angelico tries to roll up Havoc but Havoc reverses it and kicks Havoc into Ivelisse. Angelico rolls Havoc up for the pin and gets the win.

Winner: Angelico

My View: It seems the #1 purpose of this match may have been to start a break up between Ivelisse and Son of Havoc. The match quality overall was great. Son of Havoc is extremely talented and could be better utilized.

We go to Dario Cuetos office where is talking to someone in the chair. He says I know we have had some issues in the past but since you have been gone we both have had some time to cool off. He suggests they let bygones be bygones. We see its Johnny Mundo in the chair who says for once Cueto is right about something and he is ready for some action. Cueto says tonight he will be in the main event against Cage. Mundo calls Cage a ham bone and tells Cueto he will need a new title belt, as we go to a break.

My View: This seemingly had the purpose of letting the fans know Mundo is still in the title picture.

Back from the break Melissa Santos introduces Famous B who is already in the ring. His opponent is Pentagon Jr. as he comes out next. A video is shown hyping Pentagon Jr.

Famous B vs. Pentagon Jr.

They start with a huge kick to the head of Famous B by Pentagon Jr. who then hits a huge chop. After some back and forth Famous B hits a springboard arm drag. Pentagon Jr. then hits a huge kick. Pentagon Jr. hits a small package pile driver, he then puts on a arm bar submission move and Famous B submits.

Winner: Pentagon Jr.

After the match the referee tries to pull Pentagon Jr. off Famous B but he leans back with all his weight and simulates snapping the arm of famous B. Pentagon Jr. grabs the microphone and says he is loyal to his master, and that he is ready as we go to another break.

My View: The match painted Pentagon Jr. as the first true Luchadore to be a challenger for the belt.

Back from the break Dario Cueto is talking to someone on the phone, he is saying that someone is coming for revenge.

Back in the ring Melissa Santos introduces Drago who is already in the ring. She then introduces Aerostar.

Aerostar vs. Drago

After some back and forth Aerostar hits a head scissors takedown. Drago then kicks Aerostar in the legs, he then goes for the pin and gets a two count. Drago misses a splash and Aerostar kicks him in the head and hits a springboard double stomp onto Drago. Aerostar goes for the pin and gets a two count. Drago hits a code breaker from the middle rope and gets a two count. Aerostar knocks Drago to the outside, he then takes flight going to the outside and taking Drago out. He throws Drago back into the ring and gets a two count. Drago throws Aerostar face first into the ring and gets a two count. Aerostar rolls to the outside and Drago takes flight to the outside with a corkscrew dive. He rolls Aerostar back into the ring and gets a two count. Aerostar hits a springboard elbow and gets another two count. Drago hits a blockbuster into the DDT and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Drago

After the match Drago shows respect by picking Aerostar up and shaking his hand. We see Mundo and Cage walking to the ring as we go to a break.

My View: This match was another excellent match from the high flyers. Aerostar looked like he was legit hurt as he took the full blockbuster DDT on his neck.

Back from the break we see Fenix in the back. He is approached by Catrina who ask him why he has his tattoo on his chest. She wants to know does it protect him from having nightmares. She asks what can scare a man that cannot die. She then says she has a message for him and kisses him, and says he better keep that between them.

My View: Apparently this is the start of a larger feud between Mil Muertes and Fenix as this adds a unique dimension to it.

Back in the ring Melissa Santos introduces Johnny Mundo to the ring. Cage is out next with the broken championship belt as we go to a break.

Johnny Mundo vs. Cage

They begin with a lockup in the center of the ring then Cage throws Mundo to the mat. Cage hits some powerful upper cuts. Cage throws Mundo over him but Mundo lands on his feet and kicks Cage in the head taking him down. Mundo gets a two count on Cage. Mundo beats on cage but cage gets back to his feet. Mundo hits a high impact move and cage rolls to the outside. Mundo dives to the outside but Cage catches him and power bombs him into the ring post. Cage rolls Mundo back in and punches him in the head. We see King Cuerno climbing up high watching the match. Cage hits a back breaker on Mundo and gets a two count. Cage slams Mundo to the mat again and goes for a summersault flip and misses when Mundo moves. Mundo fights back and hits a big kick to Cage, then the Shinning Wizard and gets a two count. Cage picks Mundo up but he fights back and Mundo hits the Scorpion Death Drop and gets a two count. Cage then hits an Alabama Slam and gets a two count. Mundo hits a springboard kick and gets another two count. Mundo goes to the top turnbuckle but Cage rolls to the outside and Mundo flies to the outside doing a move I can’t describe and takes out Cage. We see Cuerno coming to the ring like he is stalking prey which Vampiro points out. Cuerno attacks Mundo and takes him out as the referee calls for the bell.

On the outside Cuerno destroys Mundo. Cuerno rips Mundos knee of the ring post, he then gets a chair and uses the chair on Mundos knee. We see Cage walking off up the stairs as Dario Cueto comes out and says hold on. He says now that he and Johnny are friends he isn’t going to let his match end like that and orders the match to be restarted as Cage comes back to the ring.

Back in the ring Cage destroys the knee of Mundo. Mundo fights back on the ring apron but kicks the ring post with his bad leg. Back in the ring Cage puts a submission move on Mundo applying pressure to the bad knee. Mundo fights back and hits a Pele kick to cage. Mundo hits a neck breaker and gets a two count. Cage hits a side power bomb and gets a two count. He then picks Mundo up but Mundo rolls thru and gets the two count. Cage hits a vicious clothesline, then a high impact move that I do not know the name of and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Cage

After the match he poses with the ripped championship belt and leaves the ring. We are taken back into Cuetos office where there is a knock on the door, Cueto yells go away were closed. Then you here a voice say no you’re not. The door opens and Alberto El Patron walks in and introduces himself, and says but you already knew that as we go off the air.

My View: The match was awesome both men looked great. The interference from Cuerno has added another feud to the mix.

Overall Show: The show was great overall with good matches. If the purpose of this show was to create excitement for the future it did just that. With two new feuds starting and Alberto El Patron showing up Lucha Underground just got better. Thank you for following along see you next time in the Temple.

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