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Lucha Underground Results (1/29/15)

Posted By: Elio C. on Jan 29, 2015

Lucha Underground Results (1/29/15)

Lucha Underground opened with a video package recalling the events of the past week including an attack on Big Ryck and Cage jumping Prince Puma.

Opening credits rolled which brought us to The Temple to begin the show.

Backstage: Cage was working out until he was interrupted by Dario. Dario said he liked Cage's aggression and informed him he would face Prince Puma for the title later tonight.

Announcers: Striker introduced the show and plugged an interview with Prince Puma later tonight.

In-ring: Santos introduced Mil Muertes for the upcoming match. His opponent tonight is Fenix.

MIL MUERTES (w/Catrina) vs. FENIX

Fenix went for a roll-up, but Muertes kicked out and Fenix hit a few strikes to get fired up. Muertes hit a big right hand to knock down Fenix. Muertes threw Fenix into the corner then followed with a DDT. Fenix went for a springboard, but fell into a German Suplex. Muertes hit a hard spear on Fenix for a two count.

Muertes threw Fenix off the top rope like a ragdoll. Muertes continued the closed fists and taunted the crowd. Muertes set Fenix up on the top and hit a superplex. On the bounce, Fenix rolled up Muertes for the win.

WINNER: Fenix at 3:48.


Announcers: Striker threw to a video package highlighting Cage. The video showed people attacking Cage and him destroying them.


In-ring: Santos announced the next match as a six man tag. Already in the ring were Argenis, Super Fly, and AeroStar. Their opponents are Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco, and Bael.


Super Fly started with Castro. Fly hit a huracanrana, then hit a moonsault off the top rope to the outside. Cisco tagged in and rolled around with Fly. Bael and Argenis tagged in and Argenis hit a suplex for a two count. Cisco tagged in and got kicked and flipped by Argenis. AeroStar tagged in and hit yet another huracanrana.

Argenis launched AeroStar off the top for a cross-body. Cisco knocked down all men, then Bael came in to help Cisco. Castro tagged in and teamed up with Cisco for a bodyslam on AeroStar. Lots of action here. Bael tagged in and hit a snap suplex, then tried to bite Aerostar's mask. Castro came back in and hit a double hook suplex. Bael locked in a chinlook until AeroStar broke loose, then crawled toward his partners and tagged Argenis, who kicked Cisco, but Cortez interfered, then Argenis hit a head scissors.

Argenis hit a sunset flip, but the pin was broken up. Bael with a stomp off the top rope fora two count, then AeroStar hit a Rey Mysterio-like springboard on Cisco. Super Fly battled Cisco and Bael on the outside, then Argenis dove onto the men on the outside. AeroStar hit a huracanrana on Cisco, throwing him onto everyone. AeroStar then hit a Senton bomb to outside. AeroStar battled with Cisco until Castro came in and hit a double-team move for the pin.

WINNERS: Mr. Cisco & Cortez Castro & Bael at 10:53.


Announcers: Striker threw to the interview with Prince Puma. Konnan dominated the interview and said that Prince Puma was upset about all the things that have happened. Konnan said that Puma is unstoppable and will destroy Cage. Vampiro said he wanted to hear from Puma, not Konnan. Konnan threw down his chair and stood face-to-face with Vampiro. Vampiro said he was ready any time.

In-ring: Santos introduced the main event. First out was Prince Puma followed by Cage.


PRINCE PUMA (w/Konnan) vs. CAGE -- Lucha Underground Championship match

Puma dove onto Cage to start the match. Cage slammed Puma into the turnbuckle and knocked him down. Cage tossed Puma into the corner, then hit a gorilla press. Cage hit a neckbreaker, then pressed Puma against the ropes. Puma rolled through and tried a roll-up, but Cage hit a sit-down Alabama Slam. Cage clotheslined Puma in the corner, then Puma hit a DDT. Puma landed a springboard clothesline for a nearfall. 

Cage came back with a double underhook slam. Puma with springboard double knees, then he dove onto Cage into a jackhammer for another nearfall. Puma hit a series of kick, then Cage caught him for consecutive powerbombs. Cage followed up with an F-5-like move. Puma got up, hit a series of slams, and followed with a suplex. Puma went up top for a splash, but Cage pushed the ref into the ropes to knock down Puma. Cage then hit a low blow for the DQ.

WINNER: Prince Puma via DQ at 10:11.

Post-match: Cage slammed Puma, then pushed over the ref. Konnan came in the ring and broke his cane over Cage. But, Cage hit Konnan, then knocked him over with the belt. Cage ripped the belt in half and threw it to the ground.

Backstage: Dario was peeking through the blinds of his office to view the finish of the main event. Then, he was startled by a mysterious woman, who said she was looking for someone who owed her. Dario said he has paid all his debts, but he would help her find him. She said she only had one word, which was "Matanza." Dario said that word meant nothing to him. The woman then quickly dashed out of the room.






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