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John Morrison Q&A: Lucha Underground, NXT, Miz, Movies, More

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Jan 23, 2015

John Morrison Q&A: Lucha Underground, NXT, Miz, Movies, More

Former WWE Superstar John Morrison recently participated in a Q&A session.

Q: Enjoying being on Lucha Underground?

Answer: Totally! Lucha Underground has gotten me really excited about wrestling again. The talent & production value are amazing. I really like the way the El Rey creatives are presenting the show. Lucha Underground feels like it’s own wrestling world. Not trying to copy any other organizations formula. It’s also really cool to be apart of something from day 1 and be here while it grows into something bigger.

Q: Will you keep on doing movies?

A: I’m planning on doing movies for a long time to come. Wrestling and movies are the 2 things I find most fulfilling creatively.

Q: What other things have you been working on?

A: Developing some other ideas for movies & TV shows, training like a beast! – (check out www.OOYMFitness for details about that).

Q: What do you think about NXT?

A: I love NXT, I think it’s a great show, and refreshing sometimes. The passion & ideas of the newer talent is cool to watch- Just like a lot of times college football is more fun to watch than the NFL.

Q: What do you think about The Miz & his current gimmick?

A: Love it! Reminds me of something I pitched as Johnny Nitro.

Q: If there was someone in NXT you would like to face, who would it be & why?

A: I’ve had the privilege of wrestling some of those guys since I’ve been gone. I really enjoyed working both Sami Calihan & Kevin Steen- both very talented- I’d love to wrestle Generico (Sami Zayn).

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