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Lucha Underground Results & Review: 01/14/15

Posted By: Jason Hyde on Jan 22, 2015

Lucha Underground Results & Review: 01/14/15

We are welcomed into the Temple by Vampiro and Matt Striker. Striker recaps the match last week between Drago and King Cuerno and says if we have learned anything it’s the two competitors are willing to do anything to win. Striker tells us tonight they will compete in a “Last Luchadore Standing” match as we go to the ring.

Melissa Santos introduces Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco, they are accompanied by Bael. Their opponents are Pimpinela Escarlata& Mascarita Sagrada. Striker says they are celebrating the variety of life here on Lucha Underground. Vampiro says he wonders what it’s like to be three gangbangers on the street then get to Lucha Underground and wrestle someone like Pimpinela Escarlata. Striker asks Vampiro not to say gang bang while Pimpinela is in the ring.

Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco vs. Pimpinela Escarlata & Mascarita Sagrada

Cisco starts and quickly charges at Escarlata and puts him in a full nelson. Cortez comes in and slaps Escarlata. Escarlata escapes and walks the tope rope jumping off and taking out both men. We see Big Rick walk out and he sits on the arena steps. Back in the ring Cisco goes for a move in the corner but Escarlata moves and begins to chop Cisco in the corner. Cisco then throws Escarlata into the corner and hits a flying forearm, Cortez then kicks Escarlata in the back of the head from the ring apron. Cisco hits a splash on Escarlata in the corner then Bael rushes in and kicks him in the head. Cisco goes for the cover but gets a two count only. Cisco tags Cortez who comes in and gives Escarlata a gut-wrench suplex and gets a two count. We see Big Ryck lighting his cigar, Cisco is tagged back in and he continues to stomp on the head of Escarlata. Cisco goes for a Zenton which Striker says was Dick Togo style; he goes for the pin and only gets a two count. Escarlata is pushed back into the other team’s corner and gets beat down. Vampiro and striker argue over weather or not Striker once called Escarlata a woman. Bael runs and punches Escarlata in the head from the outside, in the ring Cortez goes for a cover but gets a two count. He throws Escarlata into the corner but Escarlata jumps up onto the middle turnbuckle and Cortez runs head first into the rear end of Escarlata, Striker asks how he is to call that? Vampiro says it’s all him, and Striker calls it a “butt butt”. Cortez tags Cisco, and Escarlata finally tags Sagrada. Sagrada jumps from the top turn buckle and takes Cisco down with a hurricanrana. Sagrada then hits Cisco with a tornado DDT, he goes for the pin. Cortez runs in to break up the pin and hits his own partner with an elbow when Sagrada moves out-of-the-way. Sagrada drop kicks Cortez in the mid section, but gets leveled by a mafia kick from Cisco. Cortez and Cisco throw Sagrada of the rope he avoids them and dives outside and takes out Bael. In the ring the two attack Escarlata. Escarlata springs of the rope and takes both men down, Cortez rolls to the outside. Escarlata then grabs Cisco and kisses him. Escarlata goes to the top turnbuckle and dives to the outside taking out all three men. He then throws Cisco back into the ring to a waiting Sagrada. There is a blind tag and Cisco and Cortez double team Sagrada and do something striker explains as a “3D” into a “Codebreaker”, and Cortez gets the pin for the win.

Winners: Cortez and & Mr. Cisco

My View: This match had one purpose and that was to make these three look strong, and it did. The match was ok nothing to spectacular. The commentary on this match was horrible. Talking about gang bangs, and calling moves “butt butts”, Striker had come so far lately. It felt like this match took him back a step or two. Also a few weeks back Striker had made the mistake of calling Pimpinela Escarlata a woman, hell I have almost typed “she” ten times it was an honest mistake. Vampiro should have left that in the past. We are seeing very innovative moves that some fans haven’t seen before in these matches, it is nice to see Striker using well-known moves from the WWE to describe them.

After the match Big Ryck comes to the ring. Vampiro tries to make Ryck look tough by saying he is smoking in a no smoking zone. Ryck grabs a microphone says he is out here to let everyone know, then says when he says everyone he means every one of you, as he looks right at Cisco, Bael, and Cortez. He says sooner or later he is coming after the gold no matter who holds it, because everyone has to appear before the judgment of Big Ryck. Ryck is then attacked by Cisco, Bael, and Cortez. The three beat him down in the center of the ring. Cortez gets a kendo stick and assaults Ryck with it. Cisco takes the cigar and burns Ryck with it. When they exit they go to Dario Cuetos office as we go to a break.

My View: This obviously was to set up future story lines. The smoking a cigar bit has to go away its horrible and Vampiro just sounded stupid when he made the no smoking comment. For the first time we saw a visible miscue by one of the wrestlers. You saw Cisco put the cigar out, yet we were supposed to believe it was still going when they burnt Ryck with it. Also Ryck was very sloppy on the microphone he needs to practice his lines they did not seem that difficult.

Back from the break we are inside Cuetos office. He talks to Cisco, Cortez, and Bael about burning Big Rycks eye. He said Big Ryck refused to see how valuable they could be together, now it will be hard to see at all. Cueto pays the three and says if they watch his back he will dig deeper. He asks the three if he can get a “yes sir”, and together all they all say “yes Sir”.

Back in the Temple Striker says Big Ryck has been taken to a medical facility. They then talk about Cage attacking Puma last week. Vampiro says he got to sit down with the man they call cage.

Cage and Vampiro shake hands to begin the interview. Vampiro tells Cage that backstage he has gained some heat and wants to know what that’s all about. Cage says he wishes he cares, he asks what is this shit high school, were not here to make friends. He says they don’t hand out titles to the most liked Luchadore. He said he took out the champ because he isn’t waiting in line behind people he is better than. Cage says he is the best and his time is now. Vampiro says all he sees is a big kid with big arms and a big ego. Cage says he will go thru everyone including Vampiro if he wants to step back in the ring. Cage says he is bigger, better, and faster than everyone. He says they call him cage because you get in the ring not with a man but a machine, as we go to a break.

My View: This was a good segment that showed the intensity of cage. They are building his character well, and his speaking skills are above many in his position.

Melissa Santos introduces Super Fly, as he comes out to the ring. Pentagon Jr. is introduced next as he walks slowly to the ring. Striker mentions we have not seen Pentagon Jr. since Chavo Guerrero hit him with a chair at “Aztec Warfare” two weeks ago.

Super Fly vs. Pentagon Jr.

Pentagon starts with hitting a super kick on Super Fly. Super Fly then kicks Pentagon Jr. with a kick of his own. After some flips and evasive maneuvers by both wrestlers Pentagon Jr. hits what striker calls a “lumboard”. Pentagon Jr. kicks Super Fly while he is on the mat. Pentagon Jr. slaps Super Fly so hard on the chest the crowd chants “holly shit”. Super Fly goes to the outside and Pentagon Jr. follows and slaps him again. Pentagon Jr. slams Super Fly to the floor and continues the assault on the outside. Back in the ring Pentagon Jr. hits another super kick. They both run and bounce off the ring ropes, and Super Fly hits a clothesline. Pentagon Jr. kicks Super Fly hard in the back of the leg. They both bounce of the ropes again and Super Fly hits a springboard arm drag. Pentagon Jr. is knocked to the outside of the ring. Super Fly does a hand spring dive over the top rope to the outside taking out Pentagon Jr. Both men get back in the ring and once again criss-cross off the ring ropes, Super Fly goes for a springboard moonsault but Pentagon Jr. hits a drop kick to the mid section of Super Fly. Pentagon Jr. goes for the cover and gets a two count, Pentagon Jr. shows his frustration by slapping the mat. Super Fly hits a body scissors roll thru and gets a two count. Super Fly kicks Pentagon Jr. a few times then throws him off the ring ropes, but Pentagon Jr. hits a Tanahashee clothesline and gets a two count. Pentagon hits a running package pile driver and gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Pentagon Jr.

After the match Pentagon Jr. grabs the microphone. He says he thought Chavo was a legend and could help him. He says he knows there is someone willing to help him because he is Pentagon Jr.

My view: A nice match once again nothing special, but the commentary and the actions and words of Pentagon Jr. paints a picture that we can expect to see more of him.

Striker hypes the “last Luchadore standing” match as we go to a break.

Back from the break Melissa Santos introduces Sexy Star who is already in the ring. Her opponent is El Mariachi Loco, and Striker again tells us the story of how he worked in a restaurant before becoming a wrestler.

Sexy Star vs. El mariachi Loco

They lock up in the center of the ring. Striker asks Vampiro where Sexy Star stands compared to Lita, Trish Stratus, and The Fabulous Moolah. Vampiro seems disgusted and says maybe compares to Moolah but is above and beyond the others. Back in the ring Loco has Star in a waste lock, Sexy does a standing switch. Star hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Loco goes to the outside, when he gets back in star kicks him right in the face. Loco takes Star down with a drop toe hold. Loco chops her in the corner as Star falls to the mat. He throws her into the ropes but she holds on, he charges at Tsar but she pulls the top rope down and he flies to the outside. Striker asks “how stupid is that guy”. Star quickly climbs to the top turn buckle and dives off onto Loco with a modified cross body into a clothesline. She kicks Loco all the way back into the ring. Back in the ring she kicks Loco in the face,. Loco whips star into the corner and charges in just to get a boot from Star. He charges in again and she avoids him as he slams into the turnbuckle and falls back onto the mat. Star ascends to the top turnbuckle and hits an arm drag. Loco catches Star and throws her off the top rope. Loco jumps from the top rope and misses; Star rolls him up with the small package and gets the pin for the win, as we go to a break.

Winner: Sexy Star

My View: Another nice match but again it’s something we expect and nothing special. There trying to build Star as one of the men but I wonder how some of these men feel losing to her in the ring.Vampiro will probably get some criticism for his negativity towards Trish Stratus and Lita. Striker calling El Mariachi Loco stupid cannot be good for any talent.

Back from the break Melissa Santos announces this is our main event for the evening. She introduces first King Cuerno, who walks to the ring with his deer headdress. Drago is introduced next as he comes slithering to the ring. Striker points out the only purpose of the referee in this match is to count to ten.

Drago vs. King Cuerno

King Cuerno rushes in for a kick and misses, Drago hits with his own kick though. Drago runs and gets speed of the ropes and kicks Cuerno hard to the outside of the ring. Drago flies over the top rope and takes out Cuerno. The Referee starts the ten count but Cuerno gets back to his feet at eight and the match continues. Drago is back in the ring and kicks Cuerno as he tries to get back in the ring. Drago places Cuernos legs onto the top rope and hits the DDT. The referee counts to seven when Cuerno rolls out of the ring onto his feet. Drago jumps out onto Cuerno but Cuerno catches him and hits a running power bomb. The referee starts the count on Drago, Drago starts to get up around five and Cuerno attacks. Cuerno throws Drago back into the ring. Cuerno hits two German suplexes, then a brain buster suplex. The referee begins his count on Drago, and Cuerno again attacks Drago at the count of six. Cuerno throws Drago of the ropes; Drago hits a flipping blockbuster on Cuerno. Both men get back to their feet as Cuerno pulls the referee in front of him. Drago steps onto the referee and completes a head scissors takedown on Cuerno. Cuerno is on the outside of the ropes on the ring apron when Drago hits another head scissors takedown, taking both men to the outside. The referee begins the count and both men are back to their feet at eight. Cuerno hits a leg drop and the referee begins to count again, but again Cuerno attacks before the referee completes the count. Both men are back to their feet, Cuerno hits a kick knocking Drago to the outside. Cuerno then hits a suicide dive Vampiro calls the “Arrow from Hell”. The referee begins the count as Cuerno gets a table out from under the ring. Striker says last time Cuerno got a table it bit him in the ass. Cuerno slams Drago repeatedly into the ring post. He then places Drago onto the table and climbs to the top rope. Before Cuerno can do anything Drago is back to his feet and knocks Cuerno off the rope into the ring. Both men are on the ring apron, Cuerno picks up Drago and hits the “Thrill of the Hunt” power bomb thru the table on Drago. The referee begins his count as the fans chant “holly shit”. Drago starts to get back to his feet and Cuerno rushes in and kicks him. Cuerno throws Drago back into the ring and hits a drop kick. Drago hits another hard kick in the corner on Drago’s head. Cuerno ties a rope around Drago, tying him to the ring post. The Referee begins to count and Drago is counted out.

Winner: King Cuerno

After the match Cuerno places the deer headdress onto Drago in the corner. We go off the air with Cuerno posing in the ring.

My View: This match was not as good as last week but still a great main event. This seemingly ended the feud. It will be interesting to see where both men go next.

Overall Show: This episode was ok but not very good. The top stars seemingly had taken the night off which makes sense to sell some of the beatings they have taken. It seems the Lucha Underground roster is at a point where many of the storylines have come to an end. This is very exciting because new ones can begin like Cage vs. Prince Puma. Thanks for following along see you next time in the Temple.

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