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WWE Extreme Rules Results (4/29)

WWE Extreme Rules Results (4/29)


Miz comes out and says he single handedly gave John Laurinaitis his powerful position when he won the match at Wrestlemania 28. He was the main event at last year’s Extreme Rules but this year. He said he doesn’t care where he’s put because he will be the most talked about superstar and will make this the most powerful pre-show in the WWE. It will be the most viewed video on Youtube. Miz says he’s going to win the U.S. Championship and that will be the only greatest moment because he’s walking out because he can’t stand Chicago

U.S. Title: Santino Marella vs The Miz

Santino pounding on Miz, Miz charges and Santino pulls the ropes down sending Miz to the outside. Marella goes for The Cobra. Miz out of the ring, climbs onto the apron and punches Marella. Marella down and 2 count. High knee by Miz and 2 count again. Inverted DDT and 2 count again. Miz choking Marella out on the ropes and a punch by Miz. Clothesline to Marella in the corner. Miz up top and double axehandle and 2 count. Marella with a punch but Miz beating down on Marella. Clothesline by Miz. Miz to the outside pounding on Marella. Miz up top and Marella catches him. Clothesline by Miz, Marella ducks and hiptoss. Marella for the Cobra and Miz counters. Kick by Miz going for high knee, misses and Marella hits The Cobra 1…2…3

The winner of the match: Santino Marella!!!!


Eve is with Show and Cody Rhodes backstage with the Raw Roulette to determine the stipulation and she tells Teddy Long to spin the wheel and it lands on….Tables Match

We  are live from the All-State Arena in Chicago, Illinois and welcome to Extreme Rules and we kick things off with our opening match.

Falls Count Anywhere: Kane vs Randy Orton

Kane backs Orton into the corner and Orton fights his way out. Kick to Kane and Orton on top rope and Kane knocks him to the outside. 2 count as Orton powers out. Kane throws him back in. Going under the ring and he comes out with a lead pipe and Orton kicks Kane taking it to The Big Red Machine and Orton takes the pipe to Kane knocking him over the top rope.  Orton going after Kane with the pipe. A throat thrust and Orton on Kane as they fight through the crowd. Back and forth they go. Orton unloading on Kane and Kane is down. The cover and Kane kicks out. Kane fights back a slam and cover  but 2 count on Orton. Big boot to the head and a dropkick. Pin but again 2 count. They fight back towards the ringside area and up the stairs of the All State Arena amidst the crowd and Kane and Orton back and forth near the stage area. Dropkick by Orton and both men down. Cover by Orton but 2 count.  RKO, Kane counters and boot to the face. Pin by Kane and 2 count. They head to the backstage area. Orton throws Kane thru the backstage area door and Ryder attacking Kane. Pin and 2 count. And they fight back towards ringside and back in the ring, Kane is in trouble as Orton lays into him. Irish whip and clothesline by Orton. Orton with the powerslam and Orton slides out coming back with a steel chair and he lays into Kane beating him down with the steel chair. Unloading on Kane as he rolls out but Orton right on him and he smashes Kane’s head against the announce table. Orton pulling out the monitors. Kane with Orton by the neck, counters and throws him on top of the announce table. DDT onto the concrete floor. Orton with the cover and Kane kicks out. RKO and Kane counters, Orton into the post, Kane covers but Orton kicks out. Kane rolls him back in, Kane up top, Orton cuts him off. Orton up top and superplex from the top rope. Cover but 2 count. Orton coiling up, RKO, countered by Kane and chokeslam. Cover but Orton kicks out. Kane sets up the steel chair, Tombstone Piledriver, counter, RKO off the chair, the cover and the three count

The winner of the match: Randy Orton!!!!

Backstage:John Laurinaitis and Eve are with Teddy Long and Eve says a month agon Teddy was GM of Smackdown and now Teddy reports to Eve. Laurinaitis gets a call and it’s Triple H asking how the show’s going

Brodus Clay vs Dolph Ziggler

Clay and Ziggler lock up and Clay powers Ziggler to the mat. Ziggler trying to take Clay down and Clay throws him off.  Dropkick to Clay off the distraction by Swagger and Swagger bowls Clay over on the outside. Clay back in and Ziggler on the attack and Clay pushes him away. Off the ropes, misses with a kneelift and Ziggler with a dropkick. 2 count as Ziggler puts the front facelock. Clay fights back but Ziggler back on top with the kneelift and cover. 2 Count again and now Ziggler with a sleeperhold. Clay to his feet and he throws Ziggler off.ziggler right back on the attack. Suplex, blocked by Clay and Clay drops him face first and clotheslines to Ziggler. Swagger down and Ziggler with Sleeper thrown off by Clay. Ziggler down and Clay hits the Aw Funk It!! The cover and the three count

The winner of the match: Brodus Clay!!!!

Tables Match: Big Show vs Cody Rhodes

Big Show throws Rhodes into the corner and lays into him with slaps and punches. Irish whip and  a backdrop. Rhodes outside, Show follows and puts him against the barricades another chest slap. Show sets up a table. Show picks Rhodes up for a slam, Rhodes counters looking to push him into the table and Show tosses him one handed into the barricades. Show tosses Rhodes to the other side and Rhodes back in. Show sets a table in the corner. Looking to throw Rhodes into the table. Rhodes with The Beautiful Disaster off the table. Show back up, shoulderblock to Rhodes. Rhodes outside thrown into the barricade again. Chest slap and Show tosses him back in. Rhodes back outside grabbing a table. Rhodes fighting back but Show still in control tossing Rhodes back in.  Show climbs up on the apron and Rhodes dropkicks Show off the apron as Show steps down onto the table

The winner of the match: Cody Rhodes!!!!

Show then spears Rhodes and attacks the new champion. Show xhokeslams him through on table then picks Rhodes up and military presses him tossing him to the outside onto a table

Backstage: Matt Striker is with Daniel Bryan and Daniel Bryan says he gets more women than Bryan, his beard looks better and his stomach isn’t weighed down and just like Sheamus the crowd in Chicago is overrated. The keys are is he smarter than Sheamus? Yes! Is he better? Yes! Will he win the World Heavyweight Championship? Yes!

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan

First Fall

Lock up and side headlock and Sheamus into the ropes and a shoulderblock sends Bryan to the mat. Lock up again and side headlock takedown but Bryan with a headscissors escapes. Sheamus going for the Brogue Kick but Bryan escapes it. Arm lock by Bryan looking for the Yes Lock and Sheamus counters it. Cover and a 2 count. Hammerlock into side headlock and a shoulderblock. Sheamus off the ropes, ducks and picks Bryan up for the Rolling Senton. Sheamusu with the submission lock on Bryan and Bryan reaches the ropes forcing a break. Sheamus pulls him away from the ropes and roll up by Bryan. Sheamus beating Bryan down in the corner and whips across the ring. Clothesline by Bryan and a baseball slide. Bryan looking for a move off the apron but Sheamus catches him and drives him spine first into the barricade. Sheamus up top and Bryan cuts him off. Bryan stomping away on Sheamus and 2 count only. Bryan working over the arm. Bryan stepping on the arm holding the shoulder down but 1 count only. Bryan kicks Sheamus and Sheamus fights back but Bryan with the headbutt and uppercut and Sheamus fires back. Roll up and 2 count. Bryan choking Sheamus out on the ropes. And Bryan with the arm snap off the shoulder. Irish whip, reversed clothesline. Shoulderblock into the corner on Bryan and Sheamus in control pulling Bryan through the middle ropes delivering the forearm clubs across the chest. Fallaway slam by Sheamus but two count. Slam, countered by Bryan and Sheamus gets thrown into the corner and Bryan in control once more. Hurricanrana off the top rope, Sheamus counters with the battering ram and Bryan kicks out at 2. Suplex from the apron, countered by Bryan and Sheamus tossed to the other side and Bryan with a suicide dive but Sheamus with a headbutt. Celtic Cross but Bryan rolls through and 2 count. Bryan looking for the Yes Lock and Sheamus throws him off. Bryan going for the Yes Lock. Sheamus throws him off again. Sheamus hits the ringpost shoulderfirst. Bryan tosses Sheamus back in and unloads with kicks on Sheamus refusing to break it at 5.

The winner of the first fall: Sheammus

Second Fall:

Bryan with the knee into the shoulder. Bryan locks the Yes Lock in. Sheamus trying to make it to the ropes. The referee checks Sheamus and calls for the bell as Sheamus passes out.

The winner of the second fall by submission: Daniel Bryan!!!!

Third Fall

Bryan charges at Sheamus and Sheamus hits The Brogue Kick onto Bryan. The cover and a 2 count. Bryan pulling himself up as Sheamus getting some life back into the arm. Bryan with a kick to Sheamus’ head and 2 count. Bryan up top, cut off by Sheamus using his good arm while favouring his left arm. Superplex off the top rope, blocked by Bryan and Bryan headbutts him as Bryan goes all the way up. Diving headbutt and Sheamus rolls out of the way. Double kick but Bryan missing and Sheamus hits axehandles to Bryan followed by The Irish  Curse. Brogue Kick on Bryan. The cover and three count

The winner of the third fall: Sheamus!!!!

Ryback vs Local Wrestlers

Kick by local 1 and off the ropes and Ryback kicks him to the mat. Ryback picks him up and slams him to the mat. The other wrestler gets brought in and clothesline. Ryback picks him up and drops him.  Samoan drop to local 1 and the cover on both indys for the three count

The winner of the match: Ryback!!!!

Backstage: CM Punk says tonight isn’t any old title match. It’s a street fight, Chicago style. Jericho doesn’t know that he’s more focused on psychological warfare. He says he passed his sobriety test with flying colours Monday night. Jericho says Punk’s father passed down genetic demons but he exorcises those demons everytime he tapes his fists and X’s them. And tomorrow someone is waking up with a hangover but it won’t be him and it won’t be from drinking

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

And Punk and Jericho trade blows and it’s Punk beating Jericho down in the corner. Jericho to the outside and Punk follows as he throws Jericho over the barricade bringing a steel chair into the ring. Punk throws Jericho back in and he brings a Kendo Stick in and cracks it across Jericho’s back. Punk using the Kendo Stick on Jericho. Picking Jericho up, irish whip looking to crack Jericho but Jericho slides out. Jericho runs back in, off the ropes and Punk drops him with a boot. More kendo shots to the back and Punk wedges the chair in the corner. Jericho with a cheap shot and dropkick to Punk. Jericho has the kendo stick and he cracks it into Punk. Off the ropes and a kick to the head. Punk to the outside. Jericho throws Punk over the barricade.  Jericho with a headbutt. Punk outside and Jericho beating down on him in front of his family. Punk’s sister reaches out and slaps him and Jericho goes after Punk’s sister. Punk jumps him from behind, tears the announce table apart and slams him right on top of the lid. Punk picks Jericho up going for a piledriver but Jericho counters with a backdrop. Jericho with the monitor on the spine. Jericho takes the hood of the announce table and cracks it on Punk, tossing him back in cover and 2 count. Chinlock by Jericho. Punk fights out, side suplex to Jericho and a neck snap off the rope. Springboard but Jericho cracks him with the kendo stick. A knee to the head. Small package and kick out and Jericho knocks him back down and power out by Punk at 2. Jericho with a can of beer climbing back in and pours the beer over Punk kicking and punching. Jericho brings in another and takes a drink but Punk back up kicks Jericho and now its kendo shots to the back. Swinging neckbreaker by Punk. Punk hits the high knee and nails the bulldog.  And Punk nails the kendo stick between Jericho’s legs. GTS countered by Jericho into the Walls but counter by Punk and cover for 2 count. Punk to the top and Jericho cuts him off. Reverse knife edge, punch and Jericho to the top punching away at Punk. Hooks Punk up for a superplex, Punk blocks it and Punk fights out punches and chops. Punk to the top, flying elbow. Hooks the leg but two count only. GTS countered and Jericho bulldog on Punk. Lionsault countered by Punk, GTS countered again, clothesline and Punk gets thrown into the corner. Cover and 2 count. Code Breaker by Jericho. The Walls locked in by Jericho. Punk breaks free, Punk throws Jericho to the outside, Punk drives an elbow into the heart of Jericho. Punk throws Jericho back in. Anaconda Vise, and Jericho cracks Punk in the head with the kendo stick. Steel chair, code breaker and 2 count. Jericho picks Punk up over his shoulders and GTS countered by Punk and slingshots Jericho into the turnbuckle. GTS and cover for the three count

The winner of the match: CM Punl!!!

Backstage: Eve says Beth Phoenix is not medically cleared according to her report. Brie says that means they can go home but Eve says not so fast. The people want to see a diva’s championship match and a diva’s championship match is what the people are going to get but Nikki’s opponent is a surprise. Eve says not to worry though, it’s not Kharma.

Layla vs Nikki Bella

Nikki and Layla lock up and Layla tosses Nikki to the other corner, irish whip and Layla with 2 count. Layla to the top and Brie cuts her off. Nikki on the attack and a 1 count on Layla. Nikki working over the arm but Layla counters with a roll up, Nikki picks Layla up but Layla fights back. Layla to the top, flying cross body. Brie gets knocked off the apron, Nikki pulls Layla down by the hair and Layla back up and it’s twin magic as Brie switches places but Layla hits the neckbreaker on Brie and covers for the three count

The winner of the match: Layla!!!!

Backstage: Matt Striker asks John Laurinaitis about what he and Triple H were talking about and Laurinaitis says it’s none of Matt’s business. They were talking about business. Business which will be addressed tomorrow night on Raw

Extreme Rules: Brock Lesnar vs John Cena

Cena charges and Lesnar takes Cena down driving elbows into  Cena’s face and Cena throws him off but Lesnar clotheslines him. Waist lock as Cena’s been busted open in the early parts of this match. Lesnar punching on Cena. Cena coming back and Lesnar pounding away on Cena. Lesnar using his knees into the ribs and tosses  Cena out. Cena going for the AA but Lesnar with two German suplexes. Lesnar pounding on Cena. Cena with a shoulderblock and Lesnar against the ropes but Lesnar downs Cena and the referee has been knocked out. Lesnar picks Cena up and goes after the open wound. Cena goes for the chain and Lesnar with a shot to the kidneys. Shoulderblocks in the corner and a submission by Lesnar as he tries to break the arm tossing him into the turnbuckle.  Lesnar works on the arm tossing Cena into the barricades. Lesnar back in and he takes Cena’s chain wrapping it around his fist. Lesnar drops the chain and stomps on him and drives a knee into the ribs. Lesnar putting the chains around Cena’s ankles. Cena gets up and Lesnar hits a clothesline. Lesnar sitting him up on the top rope and Cena hanging upside down from the ringpost. Lesnar outside punching away at Cena. Working over the arm and Lesnar dumps him to the floor. Lesnar going for the boot but Cena fights back and Lesnar throws him into the the ring steps. Lesnar picks Charles Robinson up with one hand and tosses him back into the ring. Cena crawling back in. Cena goes for the AA but Lesnar counters into an F5 but Robinson’s knocked out. A second referee comes in but 2 count and the second official gets taken out. Lesnar bringing the ring steps in setting them up.  Cena fights back but Lesnar with a knee and the Kimodo by Lesnar. Cena counters and reverses dropping Lesnar back first on the steps. Cena up top but Lesnar moves out of the way and Cena hits hard, rolling out of the ring. Lesnar off the ropes and a dive over the top rope into Cena. Cena back in, Lesnar off the ropes, Cena cracks him with the chain. AA on the steel steps the cover and three count

The winner of the match: John Cena!!!!

-End Show-

Posted By: Elio Cannella reporting for WrestlingNewsSource.com on Apr 29, 2012

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