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WWE RAW Results (3/5)

WWE RAW Results (3/5)

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to what is destined to be an exciting Monday Night RAW. With appearances by The Rock and HBK we're sure to see progression in the storylines between John Cena/The Rock and HBK/HHH/Undertaker. As we get one week closer to Wrestlemania, I welcome you all to sit back and enjoy as I provide you live updates of the happenings of tonight's highly anticipated show!

We kick off the show immediately with the sound of sexy boy blaring in the sold out arena in Boston! The showstopper makes his way down to the ring being serenaded by the cheers of the fans in attendance. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler use this time to remind us that Teddy Long will be in charge of tonight's show. "HBK" chants take over the arena before HBK can get a word in. Shawn cracks a joke telling the WWE Fans that the greatest thing about the HBK chant is that it gives him a chance to catch his breath from the intro. Shawn explains that things got heated between he and longtime friend HHH weeks ago because he desperately wanted Triple H to take the match. He goes on to promote the Hell In A Cell Match at Wrestlemania before asking HHH to join him in the ring and explain his decision to take the match. Triple H's music hits and the fans are already back on their feet cheering the man that will be going toe to toe with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. The two longtime friends share a hug before HBK acknowledges how hard he was on Triple H a few weeks prior. He knows that he said things that most friends wouldn't and that he really pushed the limit with some of his comments. That he thought of every despicable thing he could think of to try and talk HHH into the match. He then says that in all of HHH's time in the business, nobody called HHH a coward. But that HBK did weeks ago and Triple H did nothing about it. And that is why HBK calls HHH an Oak. So why is it exactly that HHH changed his mind and decided to take the match? Who made him mad? Who gave him the revelation? What was it?

Triple H starts to explain but HBK stops him and tells him he doesn't even want to know. That he wants to stand with his best friend and see what happened that made HHH break down and change his mind. The titantron shows the exchange between The Undertaker and Triple H two weeks prior. It shows The Undertaker telling Triple H that he knows he can't do what HBK couldn't do and that he knows HBK was always better than him. It cuts back from the titantron to show a "less-than-satisfied" HBK glaring at HHH. Triple H lifts his microphone to explain again but HBK again cuts him off. "The worst thing that anybody could say to you was that I am better than you." HBK says while he continues to glare at HHH. Triple H tells Shawn Michaels that it has nothing to do with him and the knows HBK was notified of this. That it has nothing to do with who is better than who but that Triple H is tired of listening to people like The Undertaker telling him that HBK couldn't get the job done. That it eats HHH up because HBK is his best friend and that he thinks HBK is the greatest in-ring performer of all time. So it pains HHH to look at HBK as a loser. That is why Triple H finally decided that he is going to end the Undertaker, his streak and an ERA. That he is going to do what everybody in the back says Shawn Michaels couldn't do. That he's going to do it for himself and for HBK. HBK sarcastically retorts by saying Thanks and that as usual Triple H has everything under control. That last year it hurt him more than HHH could possibly imagine when he told HHH that he couldn't get the job done.  And that he watched HHH dominate Taker last year but still lose and that HBK was right in saying HHH wouldn't win. And that this year in a Hell In A Cell, he knows who is going to win and that's because he has been made the Special Guest Referee! HBK pats HHH on the shoulder and leaves the ring to a stunned HHH.

We're shown an advertisement for a John Cena and The Rock confrontation later as well as a Tag Team match between CM Punk/Sheamus and Chris Jericho/Daniel Bryan.


As we come back from the commerical, we're told our first match of the night will be for the United States Championship. Santino makes his way down to the ring to a huge pop from the fans in attendance.  Vickie comes out before Jack Swagger and pulls the usual "Excuse Me" schtick before introducing the current Champion. Ziggler accompanies Swagger down to ringside.

Swagger quickly gets the upper hand on Santino before we're shown David Otunga and John Laurinaitis making their way down to ringside. Santino prepares the Cobra but Otunga distracts the referee and Ziggler knocks down Santino. Swagger hits Santino with gutwrench power bomb and goes for the pin but Santino kicks out at two! Teddy Long's music hits and he makes his way down to ringside with Aksana and Kofi Kingston. Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis begin to argue at ringside while we cut to commercial.


Jack Swagger is in control of Santino as we come back from the commercial break. Swagger off the top ropes but Santino reverses with a kick to the jaw. Both men are down as Laurinaitis once again tries to interrupt the action. Teddy Long pulls Laurinaitis off the ropes and they begin to argue. Ziggler tries to hit Santino again but is knocked off the ropes by Kofi. Santino tries to hit the cobra on Swagger but Swagger reverses. Santino reverses a move off of Swagger and gets Swagger in a roll-up pin! 1-2-3! Santino defeats Swagger via Pin! Santino is the new United States Champion! Laurinaitis attempts to have the call reversed by claiming RAW is his show! Teddy cuts him off and tells him that tonight RAW is his show and has Laurinaitis dragged out by WWE Security! The fans are loving the decision as David Otunga is also dragged out by Security! Santino Marella sheds tears as he proudly holds the United States title up to a huge pop from the fans!

The Rock is coming up next with what he calls "History Lesson #1"!


We come back to see The Rock on the titanron from "Earlier Today"! The Rock does his "Finally" saying before telling John Cena that tonight he'll get much needed Wrestlemania lessons. He tells Cena that Cena is like the British back during the Boston Tea Party. The Rock is shown with a lot of John Cena's merchandise that he begins to toss into the Boston Harbor. Such items included "Midget Shorts", a "John Cena Garden Gnome" that inspires a 40 year old virgin joke, wrist bands that spark a wonder woman joke and then John Cena cologne that apparently smells like Beer, Fruity Pebbles and Possum Piss. The Rock tells Cena that he can take all of his stuff that he has been shoving down the peoples throats, roll it up into a ball, turn it sideways and shove it right up his fruity tooty candy ass. Then he says he'll be travelling all over Boston to deliver History lessons to Cena and it will end in the middle of the ring tonight!

We cut from the titantron to see Kelly Kelly sitting at the announcing table for the Alicia Fox match against Eve. Eve gets huge heat from the fans as she makes her way down to the ring. Kelly Kelly has apparently been nominated for Biggest Buttkicker on Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards. Eve has the offensive earlier and takes plenty of time to play to the crowd between moves. Eve gets Alicia in a pin. Eve defeats Alicia Fox via Pin. This match lasted about 30 seconds. The crowd is blowing up with boos before "Woo, Woo, Woo!" Zack Ryder is standing on the stage and telling Eve he's glad they never hooked up. Because you know what they say, "Broski's before Hoeski's! Woo, Woo, Woo, You know it!" The fans have blown up into a Hoeski chant! We're shown footage of John Cena earlier in the day sitting in the vacant arena, deep in thought!


Eve chases after Zack in the back. She asks Zack to hold up and then she plants a huge kiss on Zack. She smiles, Zack smiles and then Eve walks off.

Footage of John Cena from earlier in the day shows on the titantron. Cena begins to talk about Wrestlemania and how huge the event is. Through all of the title matches and so forth, eyes will be focused on The Rock and himself. Despite their differences, Cena admits that The Rock is the most succesful man ever in the WWE. He says he doesn't intend to go to Wrestlemania 28 to simply be there...but to win. He says that he needs to win. Then he talks about Boston and how it is now called the City of Champions.  He talks about how nobody remembers 2nd place, thus Wrestlemania 28 means everything to him. That if he doesn't win, he becomes nothing more than another name in The Rock's notebook. But that if he can win, he'll have won the big one. That this match, this event, will make history and that this will be the most successful event in the history of the WWE. But that nobody...will remember 2nd place. That Wrestlemania 28 will be all or nothing, it'll be his legacy...Wrestlemania 28 is once in a lifetime.

We cut back to the live arena as the Wrestlemania 28 theme song plays and the crowd boos Cena. The tag match between CM Punk/Sheamus and Chris Jericho/Daniel Bryan is up next!


CM Punk comes out to a huge pop from the fans. The crowd has been very lively all night and continue to make their voices heard as the WWE Champion makes his way to the ring. Footage of Jericho ambushing Punk last week is shown on the titantron as Punk watches from the top turnbuckle smirking. Sheamus comes out next and gets a huge pop from the fans as well. Daniel Bryan gets good heat from the crowd while Cole tells us that he is beginning to become a fan of Daniel Bryan's. The lights come out as Jericho makes his entrance to major heat from the attendance.

Jericho and Punk will start the match off for their respective teams. The two lock up and Jericho is on the offensive. But not for long as the two exchange arm drags.  Both men are up and reserving each others moves before Punk hits Jericho with another arm drag and takes control. Jericho uses the second that Punk gives him to roll over and tag Bryan into the match. Sheamus is tagged in by Punk and quickly has the offensive on Bryan. Sheamus has Bryan on the outside of the apron and is pounding him with Punches to the chest as the crowd loudly counts them. Sheamus has Punk tagged back in and Punk is on the offensive. Punk goes for a move off of the ropes but Jericho strikes him with a kick to the back and gets tagged in by Bryan. Jericho sticks his hand in the air claiming he's number one as we cut to commercial.


Jericho has Punk in a submission hold but Punk works his way out of the hold and strikes Jericho a few times before Jericho slams Punk back onto the mat. Jericho is in control again as he taunts the fans. Jericho goes for a move off of the ropes but Punk nails him with a kick to the head and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus dominating Jericho earlier with a few punches, a toss into the ropes and then body slam. Bryan tries to interfere but Sheamus knocks him out of the ring and hits Jericho with an irish backbreaker. Sheamus gets a two count and then focuses on Bryan again before getting kicked outside of the ropes by Jericho. Bryan hits Sheamus with a low dropkick on the floor and has Sheamus clutching his shoulder. Bryan tosses Sheamus into the ring for Jericho. Jericho has complete control of the match now as he continously and diabolically strikes Sheamus before locking him in a sleeper hold. Moments pass before Sheamus fights his way out of the hold and sends Jericho into the turnbuckle. Jericho reverses the move off by kicking Sheamus in the head. Jericho goes for a bulldog but Sheamus launches Jericho into the rope. Jericho is clutching his knee and quickly tags Bryan in. Punk gets the tag from Sheamus and quickly is on the offensive. A slam and now Punk is holding his back. Punk goes to the top rope clutching his back before delivering an elbow drop on Bryan. Now all four guys are in the ring and all hell is breaking loose! Moves are exchanged between all four guys. Sheamus and Bryan are both out of the ring and Jericho catches Punk off guard in a roll up pin! 1-2----3! Jericho/Bryan defeats CM Punk/Sheamus via Pin! Jericho exits the ring and holds up the belt smiling.

We see The Rock on the titantron with History Lesson #2! He tells us about Paul Revere and his story. He asks us what if it wasn't Paul Revere...but if it was Cena? What if Cena left the American Revolution? If so, we'd be sipping tea, playing Cricket and singing God Bless the Queen! What would happen is we'd be sick of him then like we are of him now! The Rock would have to go back in time with his music blaring as 25% black, 25% samoan and 50% clydesdale to kick Cena's ass! He talks about how George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and so forth would adore The Rock and enjoy his greatness. He then sings a song about John Cena riding a pony only for the Rock to take a feather, stick it up Cena's ass and call him a Jabroni. This gets a huge pop from the fans before The Rock tells Cena he is coming for him tonight.


We come back to be reminded that John Laurinaitis will be in control of Smackdown this Friday and that Santino became the new United States Champion!

The Miz comes out to decent heat and some new merchandise for his singles match with the Big Show who got a decent pop from the crowd. Cody Rhodes comes out right after the bell rings and asks everyone to hold on. He shows us a video clip of the Big Show at Wrestlemania 18 doing an embarrasing "woooooooo" chant trying to get the fans pumped up. The Miz attacks Big Show from behind but is quickly overtaken by Big Show. A spear from the Big Show before he hits The Miz with a strong punch to the head. Big Show defeats The Miz via pin. Jericho and Cody Rhodes stare each other down as The Big Show points to the Wrestlemania sign.

We get another reminder of the confrontation coming between John Cena and The Rock.


We come back to see The Rock giving us our 3rd History lesson where he stands in the Boston Common. He talks about the Americans fighting for their independence in that very spot against the British. He talks about how something else will be overthrown, The Rock revolution overthrowing John Cena. That there is only one spot where The Rock can take his boot and shove it up the ass of John Cena and that is right here in the WWE. He has the charisma of Washington, the brilliance of Ben Franklin and the you know what of John Han-coooock. That on April 1st the Rock will make history by beating John Cena. Tonight the Rock is coming to the TD Garden to look Cena in the eye and tell the world exactly what he sees. If you smell what The Rock is cooking!


We're shown that next week on RAW, HBK and Undertaker will be face to face to get Undertaker's response to the news of HBK being named the special guest referee.

R-Truth begins to make his way down to the ring getting a solid pop from the crowd. R-Truth begins to cut a promo on Kane that doesn't really go anywhere. Kane's pyro hits as Kane makes his way down to the ring to a very loud but mixed crowd response. We're shown footage of Kane attacking Randy Orton last week on Friday Night Smackdown. R-Truth is on Kane quicly with a ton of punches to the chest and head but it doesn't last long before Kane gains control. Kane tosses Truth into the turnbuckle and then slams him to the mat. Kane gets a two count before whipping Truth into the turnbuckle and hitting him with a cross body. He attempts the same move again but Truth has control now. Truth continues to nail Kane with punches and kicks but one reversal sets Kane up for a Choke slam. Kane makes the Pin. 1-2-3 and Kane defeats Truth via pin. Kane sets off his pyro and now Randy Orton is on his way down to the ring. Kane tries to leave but Truth has his leg. Orton slides into the ring and nails Kane with a huge RKO. Orton grabs a microphone and tells Kane that it's good to be back. Orton stares Kane down for a second before leaving the ring to a laid out Kane. We're told that the cold and calculating Randy Orton is back and that it spells bad news for anybody who gets in the ring with him.

We're then shown that John Cena is making his way out ot the ring and that he'll be addressing the Rock and the WWE fans next!


John Cena makes his way down to the ring getting booed (some cheers) by his hometown fans. Cena lists all of the legends from Boston before mentioning his name and running down to the ring. Cena grabs the mic and sticks it in the air to catch all of the boos. He mentions that the arena is sold out and that it's because "Finally, the Rock is back!" He mentions The Rock going all around Boston delivering exciting, entertaining and electrifying promos. He reminds the fans that he told the Rock what he thought of him and what he planned on doing last week but what has the Rock said about him? He says The Rock talks about his penis, clydesdale and how many girls he has slept with. He then says the Rock is in a mid-life crisis and questions whether he is fighting The Rock or The Situation? He then tells the fans that for the first time he can remember, The Rock sounded shook up after Cena left last week. And who did that? Cena straightens his shirt and mentions all of the names The Rock has called him over the past year. The fans are starting to boo Cena like crazy but then he acknowledges Boston College and how they party which gets a pop from the crowd. He asks who is going to show up at Wrestlemania? The guy wasting 20 minutes talking about Chinese takeout or the greatest superstar in the history of the WWE? He says he has fingers crossed that in a few minutes he'll hear The Rock's music and out will come The Rock not Dwayne Johnson. He asks the fans if they want to see The Rock come back tonight which gets a huge pop. He then calls out the Rock and the music hits. The fans are on their feet as The Rock makes his way down to the ring looking like he means business. The two men circle each other as the crowd breaks out into a Rocky chant.

The Rock cuts his "Finally, the Rock has come back to Boston!" line again before telling Cena that he said he was going to come into the ring and look in Cena's eyes and tell the world what he sees. What does The Rock see? Fear. Fear that The Rock has taken everything away. The crowd bursts into a split Cena/Rocky chant. Fear that everything Cena worked hard for in 10 years, when the Rock beats him at Wrestlemania...it all goes away. The Rock can since the fear that John Cena is holding and then scoffs at Cena for thinking he shook The Rock's confidence. Cena laughs as the fans start up with a Boots to Asses chant. The two stare each other down before The Rock says that he has never been so confident about anything in his life. Then Cena acknowledges the tooth fairy chant and laughs at The Rock. The Rock tells Cena that he can strip away Hollywood and all of the films and that he's still a man who will rip Cena's throat out. That at Cena's core, he'll always be a little boy who was nothing more than The Rock's bitch. The Rock's music hits and he makes his way up the ramp and into the back.

Cena tells the fans that his height and weight doesn't matter, then he reads from notes written on his arm that gets a pop from the crowd. He tells the fans that the Rock will have to rip Cena's throat out to win the match. He tells The Rock that if he thinks Cena is scared, he's lost his mind. That Captain Catch Phrase is only half right when calling Cena his little bitch. That John Cena is going to be the Son of a Bitch that makes history at Wrestlemania by whipping The Rock's ass. He jumps into crowd and celebrates with some fans before pointing at the Wrestlemania sign and laughing at the notes on his arm again. At that, RAW cuts to black!

Thanks to all of you who joined me tonight! Leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section below!

Posted By: Blake Blaze Campbell of WrestlingNewsSource.com on Mar 05, 2012

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